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GigaFX Review: How GigaFX Redefines Flexibility and Convenience in Trading

Today, you see every online broker trying some new way to be different and to offer something special to its traders. On the other side, you have brokers like who do not innovate unless they understand their target audience. The rising popularity of GigaFX is a proof that this broker is doing something which…
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Revisión De Capital 88: El Mejor Corredor Para Sus Necesidades Comerciales

Revisión De Capital 88 Estás pensando en entrar en el mundo del comercio? Desea cambiar de profesión o complementar su ingreso regular? No importa cuál sea la razón, convertirse en un comerciante puede ser una buena decisión a largo plazo porque las barreras de entrada son bastante bajas y existe un potencial de enormes ganancias.…
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Forex Signals for Technical Traders

Forex signal service providers use their own strategy to find optimal entry and exit points for trades sent to subscribers. Many strategies revolve around either technical or fundamental analysis, with the best keeping both in mind. Technical traders can reap the benefits of Forex signals in multiple ways. Here’s how. A Fundamental Perspective As mentioned…
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Doji Candles – common, long-legged, dragonfly and gravestone

If you were to ask me which of all the candlesticks is the most important to recognize and study, I would answer unhesitatingly — the doji. Whatever timescales your are using, or whichever markets you are trading, the doji candle will appear day in, day out and week in, week out, providing us as traders…
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FXCM – Choosing The Right Forex Trading Platform for Ultimate Success

The term forex refers to foreign exchange. Forex trading refers to the process of exchanging the currency of one nation with that of another nation. Forex trading can be achieved with the help of a broker. The initial thing that you have to do is to choose the currency pair for which you require a…
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