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A Franchisee Of Domino Pizza To Offer Staff Members A Part Of Salary In BTC

Immensus Group, known for the ownership and operation of 16 Domino Pizza Outlets in the Netherlands, will now be offering its staff Bitcoin as part of their salary.

Revealing the news on Bitcoin Pizza Day, the company announced that its employees could get part of their salaries paid in Bitcoin. Partly, this news can be attributed to the Dutch laws that state that the currency for the minimum wages must be euros.

With this development, over a thousand people will be exposed to BTC. the co-owner of the Immensus Group, Jonathan Gurevich, spoke with a popular blog correspondent, The Block, and mentioned that “some of these employees work with us (both the whole 16 Domino Pizza Outlets and some other restaurants) and some of them work with our payroll companies.”

He said further that one of the aims of this new initiative is to motivate their young, school-going staffs to be more familiar with the financial world and also through that attracts new staffs.

Immensus Group has struck a partnership deal with a crypto broker based in the Netherlands, BTC Direct, in facilitating the payments. This means that the broker will convert euros to BTC for the staff of Immensus.

This new BTC payment method is optional for the eligible staff. “But in all, if some of our employees learn personal money management, we have achieved something substantial already,” Gurevich said.

Gurevich added that the transaction cost for the salary payment would be borne by the company itself.

Since it is the salaries over the standard minimum wage that would qualify for the BTC payments, those amounts will be negligible. For example, someone who spends 9 hours a week at work can put nothing less than €5 per month into BTC. “Meaning on an average in a month,” Gurevich told The Block, “people can put about €5 to €250 from their salaries to Bitcoin.”

For the last three years, BTC Direct has been paying part of its staffs’ salaries in BTC. The total headcount of the employees in the firm is about 80, and almost everyone there has to opt for the BTC payment method, as revealed by Toon Schraven, the marketing manager of BTC Direct to The Block.

Schraven noted that besides Immensus, they are hoping to work with more firms to create a Bitcoin salary option for their staff. He mentioned that they have been closing some partnership deals, but he refused to give names.

May 22 marks the Bitcoin Pizza day, when 11 years ago, BTC was used as a form of payment for the first time. Laszlo Hanyecz, a developer, paid 10,000 BTC to buy 2 Pizzas from Papa John. Currently, the bitcoin will worth about $385 million.

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