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A New Trump Health Index (THI) Token Has Just Appeared On Uniswap

Trump Health Index (THI)

Known as Trump Health Index (THI), the token is a derivative that has been introduced on the platform of the largest decentralized exchange protocol Uniswap for tracking the health of the President of the United States Donald Trump. The Trump Health Index (THI) token is a smart contract and it will serve as an index.

As this new coin is related to the health of the United States’ President Donald Trump, therefore its price will rise or fall depending on the health condition of Trump. When the health of the President shows recovery and is perceived positively in the market then the price of this index will rise. While on the other hand, when the President’s health is perceived negatively then the index’s price will go down in the market.

Initially, when the new health-related token was launched on the Uniswap exchange, its price value was trading at around $0.957 and within the duration of the next few hours, it decreased down to $0.954. However, when Donald Trump made an announcement on Twitter saying that his health is recovering well the price of the index immediately recovered to $0.956 after that.

In addition to this, no more information has been released regarding the newly-introduced Trump health token so far.

The news of Trump testing positive for COVID-19 affected Bitcoin’s price

Whenever news related to the US President spreads in the community, it affects the price value of the leading digital currency Bitcoin badly. Recently, it was revealed in news that Donald Trump has tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19). As soon as this news got spread in the cryptocurrency community, the price value of the top-ranked cryptocurrency faced a price drop immediately. However, it was a slight drop and the coin’s price value has managed to recover now. Currently, it is residing at around $10,650 with a slight positive change in 24 hours.

Moreover, after this news, a debate started on the narrative of the correlation between Bitcoin (BTC) and Gold (XAU) which has not proven right during this uncertainty as the price of Gold surged high while on the other hand, Bitcoin showed a correlation with the stock markets.

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