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ADA Records Increased Usage As Popular Singer, Snoop Dogg Releases Cardano NFT

Snoop Dogg, the legendary artist, has turned to the Cardano network to promote his newest NFT collections. The famous rapper will collaborate alongside Clay Nation to provide fans with exclusive access to previously unseen artwork and new songs. Cardano’s decentralized applications (DApps) and NFT continue to see fast expansion.

Snoop Dogg is taking his crypto adventure to the next level with his recent effort to develop NFT items on the Cardano blockchain. The selection of Cardano is founded on the phenomenal growth that the network has seen in recent times.

Cardano Collaborates With Snoop Dogg On A New Project

With the news of cooperation with Clay Nation for an NFT Cryptocurrency, Snoop Dogg sent shockwaves through the Cardano industry. The cooperation will include renowned NFT designer, Champ Medici. The bearer will have exclusive exposure to the designer’s previously unheard tracks and other restricted insignias.

In a statement issued on Twitter, Clay Nation noted, “It’s official: Champ Medici and Snoop Dogg will work together with the company to offer you classic artifacts, previously unheard songs, and limited edition pitches.” Snoop Dogg appeared in a video accompanying the news, which depicted Cardano’s creator contacting him about collaborating on blockchain technology.

Both Hoskinson and the rapper have shown their stamp of approval to the article. NFT project described in the movie “Claymations” is due to start on April 5th and prides itself on producing “unique handcrafted Clay NFTs,” according to the video’s description. Since then, the initiative has gained a lot of momentum, particularly in the past few days.

Snoop Dogg’s involvement with the platform is not a first excursion into the world of NFTs. By creating the Snoopverse on the SandBox platform, the iconic rapper has made multiple forays into the worlds of NFTs and the virtual world. Also, he is largely reliant on NFTs and has announced intentions to transform his record label, Death Row which he just purchased, into a record company in the virtual world.

The Ecosystem Of Cardano Is Growing And Changing

After a sluggish start just after the addition of smart contracts to the Cardano blockchain, the ecosystem has recently sprung into life. Since the 1st of January, Cardano’s total value of assets has increased by more than 25,000 percent, reaching $300 million. Not content with the measure, the network stated that it has reached the milestone of issuing more than 4 million digital assets on Cardano’s blockchain, a figure that exceeded expectations.

“Do you recall when I prophesied that Cardano will have hundreds of holdings and DApps?” Charles Hoskinson admitted that he was mistaken: “There are currently millions of assets released, and decentralized applications (DApps) number in their hundreds.”

As a result of the Vasil hard divide, Hoskinson believes that Cardano’s network would soar to previously unimaginable heights. It was revealed by him that “several Cardano Applications are awaiting the Vasil hard fork to deploy in June to profit from pipelining.” Also, this would have a huge effect on its TVL.

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