Anthony Pompliano Says No Government, Nobody Can Hack the Computing Network That Runs Bitcoin

The Co-Founder of the investment management firm Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano has shed a light on the powerful security infrastructure of the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap Bitcoin (BTC). He said in an interview that the computing network behind Bitcoin is stronger than anything in the world and therefore it cannot be hacked by anyone.

Behind Bitcoin is the strongest computing network

Anthony Pompliano has been convincing the American entrepreneur Dave Portnoy about Bitcoin asking him to purchase and hold some BTC. He has done the same again in an interview on the Pomp Podcast where he talked about the powerful computing network of Bitcoin.

Pompliano said that the computing network behind Bitcoin is the strongest in the world and no one can hack it either it is the government or anyone else. He said:

“Bitcoin has only got 21 million [coins], obviously. And the whole thing behind it is the strongest computing power in the world. So literally, the computer network that runs Bitcoin is stronger than anything in the world. No government, nobody can hack it because it is the strongest computing network in the world”

Adding more to it, he said that the government can print more fiat money however they cannot do it with Bitcoin as there are only 21 million Bitcoins. He said, “the only way to change the computer is if more than half the people agree to change what the computer does.”

Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme

However, the entrepreneur Dave Portnoy has not got convinced so far despite efforts made by Anthony Pompliano and he still considers the leading digital currency a big Ponzi scheme. Portnoy has said in a statement:

“Bitcoin in my mind is just one big Ponzi scheme… I understand what I think you guys think it is. To me it’s a Ponzi scheme that you get in, and you just got to not be the one left holding the bag.”

However, Portnoy said that he will try to get into Bitcoin in the future but he is not sure when that day will come.

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