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Billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach Says He doesn’t Believe in Bitcoin It is a Lie

American investor and billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach has shared his view regarding the major digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) in an interview and says that Bitcoin is a lie and that he does not believe in it.

Tracked and Traceable

Where people’s believe is increasing in Bitcoin, Jeffrey Gundlach a famous American billionaire has said that he does not believe in the world’s largest cryptocurrency rather he considers BTC a lie. As reported by Business Insider, Gundlach appeared in an interview where he has shed a light on how he perceives Bitcoin.

He is of the view that the top digital currency is not anonymous and claimed that it is traceable and can be tracked. This is what he stated, “I don’t believe in bitcoin. I think that it’s a lie. I think that it’s very tracked, traceable. I don’t think it’s anonymous.”

However, he also clarified at the end that this point of view does not make him a hater of Bitcoin.

The different statements that he made in the interview show that he prioritizes physical investments over the digital currency Bitcoin. Revealing his preferences, he said that he would like to have a Mondrian on the wall rather than a digital entry.

Back in the month of January, this billionaire also gave a bullish prediction about the price of Bitcoin as well. He said that the king cryptocurrency will skyrocket to $15,000 by the end of this year. So despite his skepticism regarding Bitcoin, he does not hate it.

Nothing is better than BTC

Where the American investor Jeffrey Gundlach is calling the major digital currency Bitcoin a lie, on the other hand, the Co-Founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano has said in a tweet that there is no such thing as better as Bitcoin. He also criticized financial institutions for not buying Bitcoin.

His remarks regarding Bitcoin came after the leading cryptocurrency has recorded a price surge by breaking above $11,000. He also said that Bitcoin is proving its worth as the ‘king cryptocurrency’.

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