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Bitcoin Dealers Hold Price Steady After $45,000 ‘Fakeout’ Warning

Even as Bitcoin price movement has risen 6 percent within a week, attention remains focused on what occurs above the present municipal highs rather than below. On 26th March, Bitcoin paused its recent gains after projected resistance appeared just below the annual open.

BTC/USD 1-hour Candle Chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView.

Bitcoin fraud: Is this the Third Time Lucky?

BTC/USD remained at $44.5K on 26th March, according to data from TradingView and Cointelegraph Markets Pro, keeping the majority of this week’s gains. Following a massive sell wall that emerged on big exchanges Bitfinex, traders raised concern about a probable pullback. In the end, sell-side momentum won out, and bulls’ gains were halted by just over $45K.

On the day, all eyes were on Bitfinex, a site known for huge-volume traders or whales, who use their transactions to guide short-term market movements. According to prominent trader Pentoshi, the organization that bought Bitcoin at the previous low of around $34K has now placed a large buy position starting at $45K.

He hasn’t seen how the price moves around the annual open until now. They fell up short the last two times he tried, but they were near this time. They’re almost there; Pentoshi, a well-known trader, characterized the situation.

Following two “fakeouts” on lesser periods, another Twitter user, B C Richfield, emphasized the importance of cracking the present local high of $45,135. He suggested that failing to do so before the high becomes terrible news.

Another hot story from the week was Blockchain protocol Terra’s multibillion-dollar BTC purchase, with officials adding another 3K Bitcoin to a wallet address that currently has 24,954 Bitcoin ($1.1,000,000,000).

LUNA’s price jumped with press coverage and anticipation, with consulting company Messari citing increasing usage and basics as a driving force behind the token’s value. The LUNA/USD exchange rate was unchanged from the previous weekend’s close, while the two major altcoins, Ethereum and BTC, rose by over 6 percent earlier today, 26th March.

Fees are still low

Despite the emphasis on recovery within the cryptocurrency market, BTC stood firmly beneath the horizon for the general public. Aside from Google Trends data indicating a pause, expert Benjamin Cowen pointed out that BTC’s cheap transaction costs reflected an absence of reactions. To a certain extent, BTC transaction charges tell you everything you ought to be aware of. The tourists have left. They would, however, return.

BTC Total Transaction Fees Chart. Source: Blockchain.

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