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Blockchain Payments Giant Ripple Transfers 40M XRP Between Its Wallets

The fintech blockchain giant, Ripple has been noticed shifting 40 Million XRP from one of its wallets to another one. Whale Alert, which is known as one of the major crypto tracking services, has spotted the gargantuan transfer of 40 million XRP coins by the blockchain behemoth, Ripple, between its wallets.

The transactions, as noticed by the whale alert of Ripple transferring 40 million XRP coins are summed to be worth more than $10 Million.

The transaction was noticed to be made between two Ripple’s wallets, though it was believed that there is an extra Ripple’s wallet used as an escrow which is set aside to cash out XRP for the needs of the company like the operational expenditures. The title of the receiving address was noted to be RL18-VN.

Ripple Transfer Coins Worth $10 Million Between Wallets

A quote made on Twitter by @Whale_alert quotes “40,000,000 #XRP (10,249,930 USD) is transferred from Ripple to an unknown wallet”. This tweet is followed by a comments thread, and some of the followers assumed that the transaction was part of the remittance to the 21 lawyers that will offer service for the Cofounder of Ripple, Chris Larsen and the CEO Brad Garlinghouse in a legal battle against SEC.

The battle ensued after an accusation of selling unregistered securities (XRP) against the company and executives on the 21st December 2020.

ACI Picked For Pilot Program By The US Federal Reserve

It was reported that the LuLu exchange based in UAE partnered with the Federal Bank of India and Ripple in a bid to set up a transnational payment gateway between two countries. However, another member of the RippleNet, ACI Worldwide, has been picked for the pilot program named FedNow Service by the United States Federal Reserve.

The Payment gateway solution is designed to enable banks in their thousands even as well as other financial institution and other retail use to make cash wire without any hitch across the united states. The creation and testing of this service will be done by ACI before its launch.

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