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Blockchain Technology Could Boost Global Economy By Almost $2 Trillion – PWC Economists

Blockchain is arguably the most useful invention in this millennium. Experts have plenty to say about the impact of this technology on the global economy. By impact, the economists imply the utilities of the technology in the present and future.

A report from PriceWaterCoopers revealed that blockchain could aid entities foster trust and accountability. As per the consulting firm. blockchain could also add $2T to the global Gross Domestic Product in ten years based on their utilities and potential.

Exploring Blockchain Uses

Undoubtedly, the most prominent use of blockchain is digital payment, which led to the explosion of DeFi. However, it can be used for other purposes, which economists at the PwC emphasize.

The report explains blockchain could aid entities foster transparency and enable trust via digitization. Currently, about 61% of organization heads consider digitizing, which is achievable through technology. 

As per the report, provenance has been identified as one of the top five utilities driving blockchain adoption that can bolster the economy with $962 billion. Other use cases as detailed include; payments, identity, tracking and verifying purchases, consumer engagement, and contracts resolution. 

While economists agree that provenance will play the most massive role in boosting the global economy by 2030, other use cases can also drive adoption and bolster GDP. Each utility is worth over a hundreds of billions of dollars, making it crucial for the growth of the global economy. 

According to Steve Davies, an economist at PwC, blockchain will facilitate processes quicker and more efficiently and establish greater trust between organizations based on transactions. 

Countries with the Most Impact from Blockchain 

It’s a fact that blockchain adoption will positively impact countries. However, the impact differs from one country to the next. It’s believed that China and the United States will be the largest beneficiaries of this technological adoption.

Last year, China showed that it was ready to absorb blockchain into its economy with its CBDC issuance, digital Yuan. The country became the first to launch a CBDC, and economists think that China will massively gain in ten years.

According to PwC, China will gain more than $440 billion, representing a 1.7% increment in its GDP. The United States falls into second place with a reported $407 billion income from blockchain over the next decade.

The likes of Sweden, Luxembourg, Germany, and the UK come next with a 3%, 2.6%, 2.4%, and 2.3% boost from blockchain adoption. Europe remains the region with the biggest benefits from blockchain, followed by Latin America and Asia. 

Among all sectors, public admin, health, and education will benefit the most from the blockchain. PwC economists expect these sectors to generate $547 billion or more in the next decade if more sustainable energies are used. 

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