Brian Kelly Says Bitcoin (BTC) Will Be More Valuable Than Apple in the Next 5 Years

Brian Kelly, the cryptocurrency hedge fund manager, has a strong belief that the current largest cryptocurrency of the world by market cap is going to outperform Apple. Brian Kelly is of the view that in the next five years, Bitcoin (BTC) will be the more valuable asset, not Apple.

Brian Kelly is Entirely Bullish on Bitcoin

The Founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency investment firm BKCM LLC, Brian Kelly is entirely bullish on Bitcoin who believes that the top-ranked digital currency has a bright future ahead. According to Kelly, Bitcoin will overtake Apple in terms of market capitalization in the coming five years.

Currently, the market cap of Apple stands at around $1.9 trillion which is far higher than that of Bitcoin whose market cap stands at around $200 billion at the moment. However, anything can happen within the duration of five years.

Kelly asks investors to allocate 1-5% of the portfolio into BTC

Based on his bullish predictions for Bitcoin, Brian Kelly has given investors a suggestion that they should allocate at least 1 to 5 percent of their total portfolios into the major cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). He believes that the price value of the largest cryptocurrency will surge by 30x. And if investors have allocated a small portion of their portfolios into Bitcoin, they can imagine their profits when the price of Bitcoin shoots up. However, if his claim does not prove right, he says, it is not a big deal to lose 5% as it will not change their lives.

Furthermore, Brian Kelly said that he is seeing the price of Bitcoin reaching the $60,000 mark by May 2021 in the short-term trend. And then he said that the coin will hit $70,000 in September 2021.

Kelly gave a far more bullish prediction for Bitcoin for the long-term trend. He said that Bitcoin is going to trade at around $100,000 within the duration of the next five years.

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