BrightFinance Review: How BrightFinance Redefines Flexibility and Convenience in Trading

BrightFinance Review

Today, you see every online broker trying some new way to be different and to offer something special to its traders. On the other side, you have brokers like BrightFinance who do not innovate unless they understand their target audience. The rising popularity of BrightFinance is a proof that this broker is doing something which is not just unique but also close to the hearts of the traders from around the world. The flexibility and convenience that this broker offers to its traders is unmatched by most of its competitors. Many a things that traders can do when they sign up with BrightFinance are not possible on other brokers’ platforms.

Let’s take a look at what convenience and flexibility of trading really means when you start your trading account with BrightFinance .

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How Traders Trade Conveniently and Flexibly with BrightFinance

The Peace of Mind

The first thing you need as a trader is the peace of mind. You can’t make your trades successful if you are not at peace in your mind. Confusing thoughts make you do confusing things. You can’t focus on the aspects of the trade that matter. Instead, you end up making hasty or late decisions that earn you nothing but losses. The first thing that gives you the peace of mind is the safety of the funds and your information. When you deposit funds in your account, you are handing over the responsibility of taking care of this money to the broker. The least a broker has to do is to keep your money in a separate account from its own.

Secondly, you have to know that you are living in a world where internet is almost ubiquitous. If your information gets stolen, it can reach anywhere in the world within a seconds, and without you even knowing about it. By the time you realize that something wrong has happened to you, your information will already have been compromised. That’s why BrightFinance has KYC and AML policies. These policies protect you and your information. If someone has stolen your information and is trying to sign up on, you can rest assured that they will not be able to do so. The strict identification process will not let them through. Your information stored on the servers of the company is also encrypted for further safety.

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Leveraged Trading

When signing up with BrightFinance, you have to know that you will be trading contracts for difference. CFD trading is known for the leverage that is given to the traders by the brokers. When you are with BrightFinance, you can expect the best to happen to you in this condition. You will be able to take advantage of leverages even if you have signed up with a basic account. Basic account holders can take 1:100 leverages on their trades. This leverage, however, can change based on the type of asset that you pick from the asset index.

Those with the advanced accounts and experience of trading for years can enjoy leverages of 1:200. Such leverages are perfect for those who want to make big profits. However, you have to know the downsides of the leverage as well before you take advantage of this option.

Cryptocurrency Trading

You will not get this option with every broker today. While cryptocurrency market is rising at a fast rate, there are still many risks involved in trading digital coins. They are extremely high in their values and price fluctuations can be extreme too. For that reason, many brokers are staying away from making cryptocurrencies available on their indices. On the other hand, you have BrightFinance where you can get a perfect opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies. This particular asset will only get better with the passage of time. As of now, you can trade bitcoin when using the BrightFinance trading platform.

The best thing is that you don’t have to convert your bitcoins into some fiat currency to fund your online account anymore. You now have the option to use you crypto wallet to put money in your BrightFinance trading account. This convenience is yet another huge achievement for the broker and a facility that most other brokers still do not offer.

Cannabis Stocks Trading

Just like cryptocurrencies, cannabis stocks are seeing a rise in their values as well. Just a few years ago, cannabis was nothing but an illegal drug. With the passage of time, more and more researches were done on the cannabis plant. It was later discovered that the CBD portion of this plant is harmless and yet extremely beneficial for anyone’s health. Since the discovery of the many health benefits of the legal components of the cannabis plant, more and more companies have started to emerge on the scene. These companies make tinctures, lotions, creams, oils, vape juices, etc. from cannabis and sell them on the market.

After the legalization of the use of CBD, the stocks of these companies have been going up at an unprecedented speed. After knowing this market a little, you can make a lot of profit from it. Of course, you first have to have access to these particular stocks. BrightFinance is one of the very few online brokers that have included these assets to their asset index.

Ease of Opening an Account

Opening an account has to be easy. Unfortunately, there are many brokers who don’t really give much attention to the needs of the new traders. They are more focused on letting their platform be used by experienced traders. For that reason, you will notice that their account opening requirements are quite tough. On the other hand, BrightFinance makes it easy for new traders to join its trading platform and make use of the various trading tools. If you want to open a basic account with the company, your initial deposit requirements are quite low. In addition to that, you get access to all the necessary tools and features even with the basic account.

Professional Yet Easy Trading Platform

You will be glad to join BrightFinance for the trading platform it gives you access to. This trading platform is available across all the devices and gives you the same trading platform on all of them. If you are often switching among devices, you would want to go with the web trader. The web version of the software remains the same no matter which device you use it on. You just need to have a browser on your device and that’s about it. In addition to that, you can download the trading applications on your mobile phone and get the latest updates on the go. Not just that, you can also trade as you are moving and traveling.

This software has been designed with the needs of the modern traders in mind. All the necessary tools that you need can be accessed right from the platform. You have the detailed charts in front of you as soon as you are on the trading platform. You can also get all the latest price alerts and trading signals on your smartphone once you are on the trading platform from this broker.

Education for Traders

Do you need education about trading and trading strategies before you start? If your answer is yes, you don’t have to go anywhere. You get access to the training material when you open a paid account with the broker. Not only will you get access to the training material but there will be an expert advisor with you for the life of your account as soon as you open one. You do not even have to pay too much to get this feature. In fact, this particular feature is there with every account type. The access to knowledge center and resources center also comes with the account you sign up with, even if you are going with the most basic account from the list of four.

Easy Deposit Options

You don’t have to be hassled when you deposit money in your account. The first thing you want is a long list of options so you can pick one that suits you. With BrightFinance, you can use the bank wire option, the credit option and the online payment option as well. In addition to those, you can deposit funds in your account using your crypto wallet. This option is there to make cryptocurrency trading a breeze for you. You have multiple phone numbers you can choose from to call the company for any help. There is also an email address that you can use to send emails to the professional representatives.

Final Thoughts

To offer flexibility to the traders, the broker has to understand them first. That’s what BrightFinance has done. The broker has fully understood the very needs of the traders and then designed a platform where these traders get exactly what they want. Whether they want to minimize their risks or increase their profits, they can do so without any hassle. The spread model ensures that traders are able to walk away with most part of the profits they make on their trades rather than losing a big chunk in the form of commissions.

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