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BubbleXT Review – Taking a Close Look at its Offerings

BubbleXT Review

BubbleXT logoWith more and more people seeking financial independence, it is not surprising that there is greater demand for ways to make money quickly and with without complications. A quick search on Google would give you a lot of suggestions, but most of them may not come off as very practical or reliable. But, there is one option that you can try out and it does have the potential of giving you a significant return on investment (ROI). What is it? The online trading world presents you this great opportunity, as it is possible for anyone to step into this market and invest as much as they like.

The best part is that it has the potential of generating substantial profits and in a short span of time, something that you will not find elsewhere. Since trading has shifted online, its popularity has increased tenfold because the financial markets have become easily accessible. Thus, millions of people all over the globe have dived straight into this space in order to reap the benefits. You can find lots of stories about people who have made it big in this market, as there are thousands of financial instruments that can be traded.

However, it does make you wonder how to get started? Where will you find these instruments to trade? How will you execute your transactions? These are all valid questions and the answer is that you need a broker to help you enter the trading world. This is one prerequisite that has remained consistent, even if the world of trading has evolved. Luckily, online brokers are plenty in number and you will easily discover this fact if you run a search. There are hundreds of online brokers that you will come across and each of them is touting top-notch services.

Sure, having this many options means that you can enjoy some great offerings at competitive rates. But, it can also make it time consuming and difficult to find the broker that suits you. The simple fact is that no two brokers are the same. No matter what they claim, they may not be able to provide the services and features that you may want during the trading process. If you discover later on that they are lacking in any way, it will make you regret your decision and complicate the trading process for you. This is not something you want when your aim is to earn as much profits as possible.

Therefore, it is a good idea to be careful from the get go. Instead of choosing the first broker you find or getting impressed by their claims, you should do your own evaluations of their services and offerings. This can help you arrive at a better decision, which can work out for you in the long run. Amongst the numerous brokers that have been established in the market in the last few years, one of them is BubbleXT and you will come across this broker during your search.

A Quick Glance at BubbleXT

Broker BubbleXT
Trading Accounts Silver account, Gold account, Platinum account, Signature account and VIP account
Minimum Deposit $10,000
Assets Coverage Forex, Futures, Commodities, Stocks, Indices and Cryptocurrencies
Trading Tools Forex Signals, Spread and Trading Hours and Trade Glossary
Education and Training Yes
Customer Support 24/6 via email and phone
Security Policy KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies
Parent Company BubbleXT

BubbleXT trading platform

BubbleXT was established a couple of years ago as a forex and CFD broker that claims to provide traders with competitive and comprehensive trading services. With its offices located in Zurich, Switzerland, this broker was founded by a group of seasoned traders who had knowledge of the trading market. This gave them a good idea of what traders expected and wanted from a brokerage and they were so, they created this particular platform. BubbleXT is offering its services globally and unlike some other brokers in the market, it has not customized its services for a specific class of traders.

For instance, you will come across some brokers that don’t really consider the needs of newbie traders and target expert traders more because these tend to have a high trading volume. BubbleXT is an STP (Straight Through Processing) broker, which means that it doesn’t place trades against its clients, thereby eliminating the possibility of any conflict of interest. You don’t have to worry about your broker using inside knowledge to sabotage your trades. But, does this mean that this broker can live up to the rest of your expectations? The only way to determine this is by considering what you will find on their platform.

Let’s take a look at what BubbleXT has put together for its clients:

  • Start with registration

The first thing you would have to do to use a broker’s services is to register with them. This is necessary for creating an account. If you have read through the experiences of some traders in the market, you will come across some complaints. Some brokers tend to have a long and drawn out registration process in which they ask for unnecessary documents and make you deal with extensive paperwork. In addition, they also have an approval period in which they go through your application before deciding whether to accept or reject it.

What does BubbleXT do? To register with this broker, you have to visit their website and choose the Open Account option on the top right corner. Doing so will open up a registration form that you have to complete. You will immediately notice that the form is very short and asks for very basic details. You have to provide your first and last name, choose a password and then select your account currency. Two options of EUR and GBP are provided. This is where the form ends and you can submit the form.

The good news is that you will be instantly registered on BubbleXT and not have to go through the agonizing step of approval. The broker has no such process, which is quite reassuring for traders and reduces a great deal of frustration. However, as it complies with the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies, you will be asked to provide some documents, which you can do right now or later on at your convenience.

These documents are needed before you do a cash transaction with a broker, so you can provide them later on as well. These two policies are put in place for preventing money laundering, identity theft, terrorist activity and financial fraud. They exists for your own safety and complying with them can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. The documents that you will have to provide to BubbleXT include:

  • A copy of your valid passport including the signature page
  • A copy of a utility bill, not older than three months, and in your name and address
  • A purchase history of any online transactions you have made, duly signed
  • If you are depositing with a credit card, scanned copies need to be provided. This should include the front side, with only the last four digits visible and the back with the CVV hidden.

Fulfilling these requirements will make it easy for you to add your funds to your account later on and make withdrawals without any issues.

  • Choosing an account

After you have completed the registration procedure with a broker, they will immediately move you to the next step and this involves selecting an account option. Most brokers that you will find online are offering a couple of account options to their clients. This is especially true for those that are providing their services to all kinds of traders and have to provide options according to their trading style. This is exactly what you will find at BubbleXT. As mentioned earlier, the broker is catering to beginner, intermediate, expert, seasoned and professional traders.

In order to do so, they have come up with numerous account options that traders can choose from. Unlike most brokers who usually have three options available, BubbleXT has put forth five account types for their clients. You can find out more about each account below:

Silver Account

The first option at BubbleXT is referred to as the Silver account and it is one that has been developed for novices who have just stepped into the market. They have to deposit a minimum of 10,000 GBP or EUR and it will open a world of features and services for them. They can use 24/7 customer support and the basic education center. They can also receive 1-on-1 training and have the unlimited 365 trading dashboard. There is a minimum 0.01 lots trading size and a maximum 100 lots trading size. This account also includes trading news and 2 signals a month from the VIP desk.

Gold Account

The next account option is a step up from the first account and has been named Gold by BubbleXT. The deposit requirement in this account is set at 25,000 and now, traders can use the full education center. They also receive limited trading signals and can tap into the expertise of a personal account manager. The number of signals from the VIP desk is now 10 per month and the maximum 500 lots trading size is also available.

Platinum Account

The third account is for intermediate traders and so, BubbleXT has named it the Platinum account. It carries a higher deposit requirement of 50,000. Under this account, traders will now receive full trading signals and a Personal VIP account manager is there to help them in managing their portfolio. Trading algorithm can also be used and if you go with this account, there are minimal trading fees, no withdrawal fees and minimal swap commissions. A credit line is also provided for premium trading events.

Signature Account

Meant for skilled traders, the Signature account on BubbleXT boasts a minimum deposit requirement of 250,000. Unlimited lots trading size, daily signals from the VIP desk, private banking, and personal sessions with a market analyst, 1:300 leverage and insured contracts of up to 70% are available. Moreover, there is also first priority for hedging strategies and traders are also offered membership of a Traders Group Club.

VIP Account

The final account option that you will find on BubbleXT is called the VIP account and it is exactly what it sounds like. This account is meant for VIP traders i.e. seasoned, expert and professional traders who are able to meet the minimum deposit requirements of 500,000. However, this account can only be opened with an invitation and traders cannot just sign up for it. If you want to receive an invitation to open this account, you need to speak to your personal account manager to know what requirements you will have to fulfill.

  • Depositing your funds

After you have selected one account option from the multiple options that BubbleXT is offering to you, the next step is to add funds to start trading. It is not possible to trade without money because you will not be able to execute any transaction. Plus, every account has minimum deposit requirements to be fulfilled and you can add money accordingly. But, how will you do it? This is where you take a look at the payment methods that the broker is supporting and choose one that seems safe and convenient to you.

At BubbleXT, you will have the chance to choose from several payment options provided. To start with, the broker supports bank wire transfers and SEPA transfers that can be used by traders. These methods are secure, but you should in mind that they take some time to process. If you are looking for a faster and convenient option, the broker allows you to use your debit or credit cards. They support, both Visa and MasterCard, so you can choose the one you have. These methods can be used for adding funds to your account and also for withdrawing them later on.

  • Selecting the trading instruments

You have completed the registration process, opened an account and deposited your money. You are fully ready to trade, but what will you trade? This is the question you need to ask here. What trading instruments can you trade at BubbleXT? This is what you need to find out. Every broker will have a different set of offerings and you need to go through their asset index in order to ensure you want to trade what they are providing to you. If you want to diversify your portfolio, make sure the broker gives you a range of options.

This is what you will find when you opt for BubbleXT as your broker. They are offering you over 450 trading instruments to choose from and they are spread across a number of markets, which allows you to have a profitable portfolio. Some of the instruments you can trade are:


The first market that you can access when you choose BubbleXT is none other than the foreign exchange market. Recognized as the world’s biggest market, it offers people the opportunity to trade a horde of currency pairs, each of which have their own unique potential. This broker has added an array of pairs to their asset index, so their clients can enjoy as much variety as they want. EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD and GBP/USD are just some of the choices you can explore.


Buying and selling shares of different companies is what happens in the stock market, known as one of the oldest markets in the world. There is no shortage of opportunities here and you can trade shares of some of the biggest companies in the world on BubbleXT. These include names like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and others.


Traders who are not interested in volatile markets will find commodities a great option to explore. They will be able to trade a range of commodities, which include both soft and hard ones. The best thing about commodities is that they can provide small yet consistent returns. BubbleXT has added options, such as wheat, coffee and rice in agricultural products, gold, silver and platinum in precious metals and crude oil and natural gas in energies.


Those who want to trade in shares of the whole market rather than individual companies as in the stock market will find indices a good option. These can provide excellent returns and BubbleXT has put together some of the best indices on their asset index, such as DOW Jones, FTSE 100 and S&P 500.

Futures, Bonds and Mutual ETFs

If you want more options, BubbleXT has added a ton of bonds, futures and mutual ETFs (exchange-traded funds) for their clients and you can add them to your portfolio for diversification.


The most important addition that has been made by BubbleXT recently is that of cryptocurrency to their trading instruments. Crypto has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years and these instruments can provide high profits to traders. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to trade crypto and you can opt for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple with this broker.

  • Learning the art of trading

After you have checked out the trading instruments that are available on BubbleXT, your next step should be to start trading. But, if you don’t have any prior experience and don’t know much about how the market works, it is best to first educate yourself a little bit. Even though there is a lot of information out there on the internet, not all of it is accurate and reliable. You cannot base your trades on this information, so it is best to find a trusted source.

To assist their clients, BubbleXT has added a complete education center on their website where they have put together a ton of educational resources. These can be found in different formats, such as videos, online courses, articles and e-books and also webinars conducted by expert traders. A trading glossary is also available to help people in learning how to make better and smarter trades. With this knowledge, traders will be able to understand how the market works and the strategies they should use for trading purposes. They will be less likely to make mistakes and this can help their bottom line.

  • Use a trading platform

Now that you are prepared to step into the market, you should check the trading platform that BubbleXT is offering for you to be able to do so. The trading platform offered by a broker will vary and some may offer just one option. But, here, you will find multiple choices at your disposal. You can opt for the MetaTrader 4, which is one of the best trading platforms in the market. It can be downloaded on your desktop device and is quite easy to use. Moreover, it also comes with one-click trading option, charting tools and numerous indicators that can be helpful.

If you don’t want to download the trading platform, BubbleXT can also added a web-based platform to their offerings. This is one that is accessed through the broker’s website, so doesn’t need to be downloaded. Furthermore, it can be used on different devices that support a web browser. This trading platform has an intuitive interface and provides slippage protection. It can also be used for automated trading and allows you to use risk management tools for protecting yourself against heavy losses. Charts, trading signals and other similar indicators are also added.

Other than these options, you can also find mobile trading applications offered by BubbleXT and these are provided for iOS and Android devices both. You can download them easily on your respective device and have access to your trading account round the clock and make trades no matter where you are.

Bottom Line

Exploring all these features offered by BubbleXT, you will be able to see that the broker has created a simple and easy-to-use trading environment for every trader to help them in earning profits.

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