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Coinbase To Launch A New Service “Asset Hub” For Digital Asset Issuers

Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, is one of those crypto exchanges that always keep its users on priority and try to come upon their needs in each possible way. It is always focused on the development and growth of its platform in a bid to make it accommodative for its users. It does so by introducing new features and services.

Coinbase Is Introducing Asset Hub

It is now coming up with another new service in order to facilitate its clients. In a blog post published on the 14th of January, the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Coinbase Surojit Chatterjee said that the crypto exchange is going to introduce a new service known as “Coinbase Asset Hub”.

As per the blog post, this newly-introduced service is for those crypto asset issuers that want to list their digital assets on the exchange’s trading platform. Surojit Chatterjee said in the blog post that this new crypto issuance portal will provide crypto asset issuers an opportunity to do business with the cryptocurrency exchange by listing their digital currencies on its trading platform.

With this service, it will now become really easy for users or crypto projects to post their requests to the Coinbase exchange for listing. Moreover, they will also be able to check out their requests’ status whenever they want through this hub service.

To Streamline The Process of Listing

Chatterjee furthermore wrote in the blog post that the crypto exchange looks forward to listing each and every compliant digital asset on its platform. And the company has taken the first step toward this by streamlining the process of listing, said Chatterjee. He informed users that the service is open to everyone and anyone can apply for the listing. However, they will have to undergo a process to complete first and then the company will choose which one to choose and which one not.

The chief product officer of the company claimed that there are now more than 40 digital currencies supported for trading on the platform of Coinbase. And there are more than 90 cryptocurrencies supported on the exchange’s custodian Coinbase Custody.

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