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Crypto Trader Peter Brandt Predicts Huge XRP Price Spike

A very popular trader in the crypto space, Peter Brandt predicts a massive increase in value and price for XRP. According to his recent tweet, Peter has highlighted that XRP will show a huge surge of approximately 275%, now that it is showing a considerable bullish trend, after analyzing the data collected from multiple sources and presenting his own graphical representations. Peter stated that XRP has been working towards a greater and stronger price increase, and current data shows that all of that hard work may have finally been worth it after all.

The question arises, should we trust Peter and his statements? Well, if we look at peter’s track record, he has gained an absurd amount of following on his socials, approximately 450,000 followers, mainly because of his experience in the field and also because of how he was successfully able to predict the Bitcoin fall of January 2018, prior to the event.

XRP going Big

Peter Brandt, in his publication on Trading view, indicated that XRP is currently very happy with the SEC. Data from his own published graphs show that if the trend pattern is a reversed head and shoulder with the right shoulder peeking, it means that prices will increase drastically. It is still a possibility, but the chances of it becoming a reality are quite high.

The data indicates that if XRP shows the same type of trend that Peter has published, XRP prices can reach highs of over 270%, topping up its current price of $1.40 to almost $3.80. Although $3.80 might not be such an impressive number compared to other cryptos, it is a substantial increase, potentially ramping up even further than expected. This new prediction came just short of his statement that the XRP/BTC pair is expected to see a huge gain in trade, calling the whole thing a “Compound Fulcrum.”


Peter Brandt also posted another graph on Trading View, which shows that the XRP/Bitcoin duo has started to show another bullish trend after a fall from the previous high in Feb 2021.

The duo had an enormous increase back in December of 2020, but after the collapse of Bitcoin in January 2021, the trend toppled to a very low minimum. If both XRP and Bitcoin rise, then nobody knows the potential trading opportunities that can emerge.

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