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Digital Asset Services Firm Diginex Listed on Nasdaq For Trading

The Hong Kong-based digital financial services company Diginex has become the first cryptocurrency exchange operator that has been listed on the American stock exchange NASDAQ. Diginex is the operator of a digital currency exchange known as EQUOS.

Diginex recently raised a $50 million capital and had completed a reverse merger with 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp. According to the company, this has facilitated the listing of Diginex stock on the Nasdaq stock market. Diginex Stocks trading has already started under the ticker symbol “EQOS”.

Richard Byworth, the CEO of Diginex said that this is an important milestone and development for the cryptocurrency industry that cryptocurrency exchange-focused company has been listed on NASDAQ. He said, earlier people only had direct exposure to cryptocurrencies through ETF-like structures. Diginex already has its roots in the cryptocurrency industry, therefore, its listing on the United States stock market will offer a new way of making an investment in the digital currency sector. “Now you finally have a picks and shovels trade for the entire asset class,” he said.

“This is a watershed moment for both Diginex and the cryptocurrency industry with the listing of the first-ever company with a crypto exchange on Nasdaq. This also presents the first opportunity for anyone trading in the US capital markets to buy directly into the equity of a digital asset ecosystem and opens the door for financial institutions to participate in the enormous opportunity that digital assets present,” he said in a statement.

Apart from operating the cryptocurrency exchange EQUOS, it is also the parent company of Digivault which is the crypto assets custodial entity working for Diginex.

The Chairman of Diginex Chi-Won Yoon said that the listing of their company on NASDAQ indicates their commitment to transparency. Chi-Won Yoon said that they are delighted to achieve this milestone. “We are delighted to have reached this milestone for both the industry and Diginex. The Nasdaq listing demonstrates our commitment to bringing transparency and accountability to the digital assets industry.”

“This should give investors greater assurance about the long-term growth and viability of this asset class,” Yoon added.

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