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Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey Are Going To Have “THE Talk” on Bitcoin

After a long period, a real contest between the two maximum coin holders is expected to be conducted soon. Elon Musk (the promoter of Doge, the critic of Bitcoin (BTTC), and the CEO of Space X and Tesla) and Jack Dorsey (the CEO of Twitter and a Bitcoin propagator) have mutually confirmed to appear in ‘THE talk’ a segment of ‘The B Word’ summit to be organized on 21st July.

The program of the meeting was decided over Twitter. The event was announced by Dorsey, and Elon made some lame jokes. Dorsey then discussed a business initiative and called him to have a conversation on stage by saying that Musk can ask all his curiosities. Tesla’s CEO firstly laughed in reply but agreed after the insistence of Twitter’s CEO. Cathie Wood, who was one among the speakers working at ARK Invest firm, was pleased with the news. This is worth noting that ARK Invest has a considerable position on Tesla, and it has also published a paper regarding the green power mining of Bitcoin in association with Square.

The B Word Sumit and Jack Dorsey

The B Word is an initiative taken by Bitcoin that is to counter and negate the prevailing narratives about it as well as to encourage and educate the institutions about how to accept Bitcoin (BTC). In this way, it is a ceremony for the investors, institutional players, and organizations. Due to the advancement in the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin (BTC), proper guidance and authentic information are required. For this purpose, comprehensive information providing conversation between the responsible personalities will bring a live experience in front of the investor community.

Bitcoin: according to Jack Dorsey’s views

Square’s CEO appeared at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami and stated that the other coins do not have any worth for me as compared to Bitcoin (BTC). He further mentioned that the miners need to make benefits, and acquiring cost-effective renewable energy expedites their profit, as pointed out in the aforementioned whitepaper published by ARK Invest and Square.

The views of Elon Musk about Bitcoin

It seems that Tesla contains BTC’s worth more than $1 billion. Musk included that to the balance sheet of the firm, but shortly he altered his mind. Subsequently, he mentioned environmental concerns, although the sudden collapse of Bitcoin prices might be a reason behind his withdrawal.

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