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Ethereum Adds $20B To Its Market Cap; ETH Exceeds $1,500

After all, the cryptocurrency appears entirely green on its chart patterns following the positive momentum that lifted the whole worth of the cryptocurrency industry to above $1 trillion on the 27th of October.

ETH Experiences A Positive Surge

Stats show that currently, the price of ETH is $1,546. Although it only managed to gain 1% over the past 24 hours, the asset had gained 20.4 percent in total over the last seven days. Since the two currencies were placed against one another by the cryptocurrency world, it is unusual to see the top altcoin beat BTC in that area.

Eth not only crossed the critical $1,500 threshold, which has been difficult for the cryptocurrency asset in recent weeks. The king of altcoins first made a settlement for $1,347 before reaching its current spot rate value.

Its market cap increased to $186.395 billion thanks to a great value pump. Since ETH’s market capitalization on the 25th of October was just over $164 billion, it’s now nearly $20 billion greener. If the asset maintains its pace, its prices may approach their all-time high as November approaches (ATH).

What May Be ETH’s Worth In The Coming Months?

Remember that on the 10th of November, 2021, Eth reached a significant trading price of $4,878. ETH, however, has already shed 68.3% of that worth as it has been unable to gather enough momentum for a positive surge amid this year’s significant system expansion.

It might be interesting to watch how the Bitcoin competitor will finish in October, rumored to be an excellent period for all digital currencies.

The Ethereum community has consistently been highly outspoken when predicting the price of cryptocurrency. They have previously forecasted that before November runs out, ETH is likely to trade at $1,488.

But before October is out, the crypto asset will have surpassed that projection. This prediction would imply that Ethereum will undergo a market correction before leaving the marketplace in November 2022 if it can maintain its current price over the coming weeks or advance to greater heights.

As long as Ethereum continues to go in a favorable direction, the asset’s users will be more than glad to be proven incorrect about their projection.

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