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Fake Elon Musk Bitcoin Scams Are Getting Out Of Control

According to multiple reports, on the first of March, a person transferred about 5 Bitcoin to a fake Elon Musk bait scam website.

The website has been previously verified multiple times as a scam site that baits people into sending them Bitcoin by providing fake benefits like double rewards on the transfer of Bitcoin. It is still unsure that the person who sent the digital currency was really scammed or he was in alliance with the scammers, transferring scammed currency around multiple wallets.

How scammers attract?

Scams are usually spread using attractive tweets, false advertising, promotional videos, and fake verified accounts, offering additional benefits without any context. Fake reviews can also be very attractive to a lot of people. People think that if other people are satisfied, then the offer must be legit, but it turns out it is the other way around.

Most smart people ignore these types of scammers, but as well all know, the world isn’t perfect, and people are destined to make mistakes in their lives. Other reports have claimed that these types of scammers have made millions of dollars using fake Tesla and SpaceX accounts, baiting people into supporting fake charities and donation causes.

Scammers getting smarter

Scam artists are present in every industry, and it is very unfortunate that people give in to their tactics without doing any research, just for the sake of gaining more than what they have. These scam artists have found many clever ways to gain the attention of users and keep evolving as new solutions show up which can be taken advantage of.

Most social media websites let you advertise anything as long as they are receiving payment, often making things very confusing whether if some offer is legit or not because of the way they are presented and advertised. It is unfortunate that advertisements based on fake scams are often hard to track and eliminate.

A big lesson here is to be learned that no one gives out free money without context, and we, as internet users, must keep ourselves safe from these scammers. Until and unless a legit verified presents an offer in public, it is highly unlikely that the offer is legit and must be investigated before making any bold move.

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