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Founder Of SkyBridge Has Made a Comparison of BTC to Amazon Stock

According to Anthony Scaramucci, the expansion in the price of Bitcoin is not even close to being over, all while comparing the development of Bitcoin to that of Amazon, owned by Jeff Bezos.

Even though the market cap of Bitcoin is well over $1 trillion and the prices have surged to a hefty amount of $60k, the founder of SkyBridge, Anthony Scaramucci, is speculating that the price of Bitcoin is going to go up even further. He made a comparison between the performance of the crypto asset and the stock of Amazon in an attempt of trying to prove that BTC is a better choice than gold.

The Comparison Between BTC and Amazon

SkyBridge’s Founder, Anthony Scaramucci, has been very active and has left no opportunity of defending or praising the crypto asset on every media outlet ever since his company announced their plans of launching a BTC Fund during the past year.

The ex-Director of Communications of White House made his comments about the adoption of the Bitcoin cycle earlier today and compared the crypto asset with Amazon’s stock, one of the largest and most profitable companies.

According to him, the extravagant bull run of Bitcoin is nowhere near its completion, even though the crypto asset has multiplied its price by six times since the start of October last year and has now crossed the market cap landmark of $1 trillion.

He said that the BTC is merely a 12-year-old asset presently and the return on investment buying the Amazon stock after its 12th year was a whopping 64 times its base value from 2009 up till 2021.

If this comparison pans out and the price growth of Bitcoin compares to that of the Amazon stock, it would then have a valuation of around a mind-blowing $3.7 million for a single BTC, with a market cap of over $72 trillion.

Is BTC Better Than Gold?

Anthony Scaramucci also shared his views on the comparison between BTC and gold. He said in a previous statement that BTC is better than gold because it is secure, portable, and easy to store. His belief about the supremacy of BTC has since gotten stronger, and he said that everyone at least owns a part of BTC.

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