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Frasers Share (FRAS) Went Parabolic; It Might Surge to 1,000p Soon


  • Thursday’s sessions had Frasers’ share price soaring to an ATH.
  • Its profitability and revenue saw sharp jumps during the FY.
  • It might surge towards 1,000p, though significant risks exist.

The Frasers (FRAS) share saw its price going parabolic after the firm revealed impressive quarterly earnings. The stock gained over 15%, its highest one-day surge in years. While publishing this content, it trades at 873p, a record high. Such developments saw the company’s market capitalization jumping past $4.1 billion.

Impressive Earnings

Frasers Group is among the leading retailers in the United Kingdom. Mike Ashley started the company and owned top brands in the nation, including, Flannels, Game, Frasers,, House of Fraser, and Sports Direct.

The statement showed the company stated that its business performed exceptionally in the financial year 2022. For instance, its revenue increased by 30.9%. Barring a currency-neutral and acquisition basis, the company’s revenue surged by 31.2%.

Flannels, its first-class lifestyle sector, contributed to the firm’s strength. Its revenue increased by 43.6%. The Sports retail division followed, with its 31.2% revenue increase, whereas European retail noted a 28.4% surge.

Meanwhile, Frasers Group revealed its profit before tax soared from 8.5 million pounds to above 366.1 million pounds. The company’s broad reopening drove this performance. Most importantly, the firm’s total assets surged above 1.3 billion pounds.

Moreover, the CEO confirmed their elevation strategy started working. And they are creating an attractive momentum with digital capabilities, new store openings, and top-notch brand partnerships in all divisions.

Nevertheless, Frasers’ share exhibit two crucial risks. First and foremost, the company could see slow growth in 2022 following escalated UK inflation. The management predicts a profit before tax of 450 million to 500 million pounds. Secondly, weak sterling will affect the firm’s business as a top importer.

FRAS Share Prediction

The daily chart indicated that FRAS went parabolic during Thursday’s sessions. The hike saw the share price surpassing the crucial resistance of 826p, the previous ATH. Also, the stock has surged past 25 and 50-day Moving Averages, whereas the RSI climbed to the overbought region.

Thus, it might keep rising with bulls targeting the crucial resistance at 1,000p. Meanwhile, a decline beneath the 826p support will cancel the bearish outlook.

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