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Gemini Europe’s Former Managing Director Julian Sawyer Becomes New CEO of Bitstamp

The European-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has appointed Julian Sawyer as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as Nejc Kodrič the founder of the exchange has stepped down from his executive post. Bitstamp has said in its official announcement that Nejc Kodrič will still be an integral part of the company while playing a non-executive role. He will now be a part of the company’s Board of Directors.

After Nejc Kodrič, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has given the role of chief executive to Julian Sawyer who will now be seeing all of the operations of the company onward. Previously, Sawyer has been serving as a Managing Director (MD) at Gemini Europe. He became a part of the Gemini exchange in December 2019 and left the company shortly after it was regarded as a regulated digital asset business in 2020 by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Sawyer has also earned experience in the field of traditional finance as well. Before joining Gemini, he acted as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the co-founder at Starling Bank while supervising its business services. Before that, he had founded a financial management consulting company known as Bluerock Consulting and operated it until it was sold by him.

As per the official blog post of Bitstamp, Julian Sawyer will not only act as the chief executive officer of Bitstamp but he will also be playing his other roles as an Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow of CASS Business School’s Faculty of Management as well as being an advisor of Volt a major Australian challenger bank.

While commenting on his appointment as Bitstamp’s CEO, Sawyer said in a statement that he was not looking for a job but becoming a chief executive of a global firm was an amazing opportunity. “I feel privileged to have been asked to join as CEO and become part of a fantastic team across Europe, the US and Singapore,” he added.

Bitstamp has seen impressive growth throughout this year with major developments. A Nasdaq-built matching engine was introduced this year. Moreover, the cryptocurrency exchange announced the listing of various top digital currencies as well as the fiat currency British Pound (GBP).

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