Gibraltar Stock Exchange Lists 3iQ’s The Bitcoin Fund

The Global Stock Exchange Group’s subsidiary the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) is bringing The Bitcoin Fund of the Canadian investment fund manager firm 3iQ into the cryptocurrency ecosystem of Europe as GSX has announced to list this bitcoin fund on its platform.

3iQ’s BTC fund to make a debut on the European exchange

The Bitcoin (BTC) Fund of 3iQ is considered as one of the regulated and first Exchange Traded bitcoin funds in the world. With the listing of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, this bitcoin fund is going to make its debut on the European regulated exchange, thus, making its way into the European cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Commenting on this listing, the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 3iQ Fred Pye said that the listing of their Bitcoin Fund on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange will strengthen the fund’s reach into the digital assets market of Europe. He stated:

“Sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and the many reputable financial institutions that are restricted to buying licenced, regulated, major exchange-listed products, now have access to the world’s only regulated, exchange-traded in Canada, publicly listed bitcoin fund. Being listed on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange extends the reach of the The Bitcoin Fund within the burgeoning European digital assets market, and continues the groundswell of momentum that has defined 3iQ’s exciting progress during the first half of 2020.”

While on the other hand, the Chief Executive Officer of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange Nick Cowan welcomed the Canadian firm 3iq to Gibraltar and GSX saying, “today’s announcement provides further demonstrable evidence of innovative asset classes becoming accessible through mainstream investment vehicles which in turn leads to increased adoption.”

This is the second listing that The Bitcoin Fund of 3iQ has secured this year so far. Five months before this listing, 3iQ’s bitcoin fund was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange for the first time after getting approval from the Ontario Securities Commission. The Toronto Stock Exchange is considered as one of the major global exchanges in the world.

The New York-based digital currency exchange Gemini is currently providing its custodial services for Bitcoins which are held in the fund.

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