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Instagram Gears Up to Begin NFT Trials

NFTs on the Instagram platform are something that has been talked about frequently since the technology was running, and each time it seemed it was edging closer and closer. Now we might see it finally be a reality.

It’s been two months since the CEO of META Mark Zuckerberg stated that the introduction of NFTs to its different platforms is being worked on. Just yesterday Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram will begin testing the integration with a few chosen creators in the US.

The chosen creators will be able to post or share NFTs without having to pay any fee or charges for it. It was also stated that popular wallets are going to be made available like MetaMask and Rainbow will be present. Also, popular coins like ETH and Polygon will be made available, and other coins like Flow and Solana will be made available later on. 

Instagram and NFT Integration Might Have Been Destiny 

Since both platforms are built on images, it is really no surprise that NFTs are being introduced and the integration is already approaching its testing phase. The CEO of META first hinted at the idea in March. Giving the creators and a select few the chance to share their created NFT or one they purchased.

Adam mentioned that initially there was an issue between web 3.0 and the centralized platform of Instagram. He stated that NFTs and blockchain technology as a whole is aimed at the distribution of trust and power, while Instagram is a platform that is centralized, so there’s a little issue there. He made it clear that once feedback from the trials is compiled, it would make it available to the masses and the public. 

Benefits of The Integration

He added that Instagram is capable of bringing web 3.0 technology closer and more accessible to a larger range of people. He was also of the opinion that NFTs would excite not just the creators who make the art but also people that wish to collect the art.

As with every new innovation, a little resistance is expected, so the news of the two platforms coming together wasn’t completely accepted by all. There are still some people who had reservations about the two platforms coming together.

Most attempts by different entities to integrate NFTs into its community have been met with such retorts and remarks. Some of these bodies decided to scrap the idea, hopefully, Instagram isn’t one of them.


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