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Is Crypto Becoming More Legal?

According to the IRS, Cryptocurrency is becoming more legal and is showing no signs of collapsing shortly. In addition, the internal revenue authority stated that it is seeking to collaborate with cryptocurrency firms, emphasizing how they can only operate with crypto in this market space.

Earlier this week, according to The Wall Street Journal, the acting special agent in charge of the United States authority crime unit, Mr. Thomas Fattorusso, in an interview in New York, touched on cryptocurrency. Mr. Thomas added that people should stop being so repulsive toward innovation.

As far as he is concerned, he stated that crypto is not showing any signs of collapse soon and is in a bid to see cryptocurrency made legal as years pass by. Furthermore, he explained why the United States Authority sought to collaborate with crypto firms.

Mr. Fattorusso reported that these relationships would enhance over the years and make companies dealing with crypto more relaxed with the federal system. However, adding the future is dependent on cryptocurrency.

The main target would be to have a mutual relationship between the federal government and the crypto companies, promising they have always worked to achieve this. The system trusts that the collaboration between these companies and the agency is key for these firms to acquire legitimacy.

In addition, an internal revenue service official emphasized that people should adopt this new technology saying that both the agency and the companies are still on the run to find their way around it. In the previous year, the United States Revenue Authority crime unit Chief Jim Lee announced that the revenue authority was developing several cryptocurrency cases.

SEC launches Crypto Academy

SEC once again surprises people with the launch of the crypto academy, where individuals can train about cryptocurrency without any cost before they can even think of investing—eliminating the risk involved with investing and equipping them with more knowledge about digital assets and investment strategies.

The Thai SEC this week reported that they are launching a crypto academy that will give free online classes and knowledge on cryptocurrency. This action targets making the public aware of blockchain innovation and digital assets before investing in digital assets. The more the public is made aware, the less they run the risks affiliated with cryptocurrencies.

Currently, the crypto academy offers four online courses. The initial one targets new users’ fundamental knowledge of crypto and the principles of blockchain technology and digital assets. The other course emphasizes the major features of digital assets and the innovation behind them. It also comprises decentralization, peer-to-peer systems, and bitcoin.

The other most important one focuses on the future and the present of crypto events, covering the crashing and halving of Bitcoin prices. It also includes the crypto ecosystem, NFTs, digital assets, and the metaverse. Finally, it also covers the future structure of the crypto space.

The last course focuses on investment plans, crypto management, diversification, investor management, and asset price analysis using various charts.

The Thai Security and exchange commission Crypto academy also educates on the crypto quotient, a self-evaluation for users to evaluate their asset knowledge to know whether they are fit to start investing in the crypto market. In the previous month, Mr. Arkhom Tempittayapaisith, the Finance Minister, announced that the system has a strategy to fasten the crypto standards.

The Security and Exchange Commission Secretary General, Suwanmongkol Ruenvadee, reported that the excess criticism of crypto prices had raised concern about the immediate need for enhanced supervision.

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