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MetaMask Adds Apple Pay Payment Gateway For iPhone Users To Buy Crypto

MetaMask is expanding its mobile app purchasing possibilities by integrating with other payment gateways, beginning with iPhone users.

MetaMask Adds Apple Pay Support

On Tuesday, MetaMask made a tweet concerning a series of updates for iOS and users of Apple Pay. The primary advantage is the option to purchase cryptocurrencies directly from their mobile app using a credit/debit card. This will remove the need to send ETH from another exchange platform such as Coinbase to the MetaMask app.

MetaMask supports debit/credit card transactions through two payment channels: Transak and Wyre. Using Wyre, users may now utilize their Mastercard and Visa cards saved in Apple Pay for purchasing ETH and also deposit to their wallet with a daily limit of $400. MetaMask informs that company does not earn from gas fees while making an Ethereum purchase.

For a while now, it has been easy to purchase stablecoins such as DAI, USDC, and USDT, through Transak on the Ether mainnet using MetaMask. The new upgrade enables customers to purchase Bitcoin using more than 60 foreign currencies through debit/credit cards and bank transfers. The company stated that US users can now buy Avalance and Fantom native tokens. However, Payment options and associated costs vary by region.

James Beck, the Communication Director at ConsenSys, states that the modifications aim to improve accessibility and eliminate the barrier. “We hope to increase how our users may convert cryptocurrency without leaving the application,” he said. Additionally, he stated that other integrations that “extend” possibilities and “simplify” the process of purchasing cryptocurrency is on the way.

MetaMask Issues Warning

MetaMask has posted another “critical” security upgrade pertaining to token transmission. Unlike sending Ethereum to a recipient wallet address directly, tokens are delivered to contract addresses together with instructions on how to transfer a particular quantity of crypto assets to the destination address. Users will “clearly see” which contracts are asking for authorization and label and store them.

A previous tweet cautioned MetaMask members “to exercise caution while engaging with protocols” and authorize a specific address to transfer these tokens. They said that allowing the tokens to move may lead to the theft of assets. Hence, users must protect themselves by canceling token permissions.

Dark Mode Enabled For iOS 

Furthermore, MetaMask has added support for Apple’s Night Mode in response to public requests. Beck said their fans’ most anticipated queries were, “when is the dark mode?” The dark mode is activated by default in the MetaMask application if the user’s iPhone OS supports it in all apps. The exchange firm announced through Twitter that a dark mode would be available “shortly” for MetaMask. 

MetaMask has acquired MyCrypto, a supplier of ETH wallet interfaces, to integrate technology and ultimately merge the wallet interface with MetaMask to ensure their assets are secured.

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