Postal Service Company, PostNord, To Train Staffs In The Metaverse

Recruiting new personnel has been elevated to a higher level at Sweden’s postal services organization, PostNord. The company has partnered with a metaverse firm, Warpin, located in Stockholm, to teach its employees in the virtual world. According to the CEO of PostNord, this is a better learning method compared to the traditional teaching method.

Employees Of PostNord To Receive Digital-based Training 

Warpin and PostNord have collaborated on developing different virtual learning sessions that may be accessed using virtual reality (VR) devices. Employees can learn jobs such as sorting packages and vehicle operation in a controlled learning environment. Patrik Green, PostNord’s Head of Training, explained why the postal corporation had adopted this innovative strategy by stating that it helps integrate new employees more rapidly.

Also, virtual reality learning curricula are about 80% more successful than e-learning since they immerse individuals in the actual work environment throughout the simulation. As a bonus, they save both time and money compared to conventional training methods used in the classroom.

According to Emma Riddestad, CEO and co-founder of Warpin, many individuals feel that the usage of virtual reality and augmented reality includes gaming, social, and entertainment. Also, she believes that the most significant improvements will come from education, better therapy, and experience in the field. Ridderstad used the instance of research on cognitive therapy, in which patients may practice in a safe setting, to illustrate her point.

Mainstream Businesses Continue To Embrace The Digital World

While PostNord’s involvement with the metaverse is limited to staff training, some large corporations are going the extra mile to include more features and capabilities. One such company is the United Postal Service (UPS), which wants to join the metaverse by offering virtual shipping operations in the near future.

In April, the company submitted a number of patent rights with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The applications include a wide range of virtual products and services that the company hopes to provide.

Beyond the transportation business, corporations such as Mastercard and Visa are also looking into ways to join the metaverse and expand their operations. Currently, the financial behemoth has submitted 15 patent applications linked to the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

It is not just the entertainment industry that is interested in harvesting advantages from the metaverse; Manchester City, a Premier League team, has announced intentions to create a digital version of the Etihad studio. The pro-innovation group hopes that millions of soccer fans worldwide will be able to enjoy football games in an interactive and immersive atmosphere with this effort.

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