Price of Tomorrow Author: All of Currencies Will Be Pegged to Bitcoin (BTC)

The Co-Founder of the technology company BuildDirect Jeff Booth who is also known as the author of the Price of Tomorrow has said in a statement that the top-ranked digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) will evolve and rise up more than any other currency in the world. He even said that all of the currencies are going to be pegged to Bitcoin in the future.

Recently, the Price of Tomorrow’s author appeared in an interview with Cambridge House International where he has explained why he thinks Bitcoin is going to evolve more and that the other currencies will be pegged to this major cryptocurrency.

This is what he said:

“So the government says, ‘We are going to make your cash worthless.’ Why do you think populations are rising up? They’re after the protection of value from governments’ policies that are destroying their currencies. It could happen in a number of different ways, but I think in the end game, I think that currencies will be pegged to Bitcoin.”

While drawing a comparison between the so-called safe-haven asset Gold and the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin which is considered as digital gold, Jeff Booth said that Bitcoin can prove much safer and secure in the worst situations.

He illustrated his point of view through the instance of World War II where gold could not prove as a safe-haven asset. Booth believes that gold is not the most effective way for people to protect their wealth rather the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin is. He explained:

“Going back to World War II, people sewed gold into their clothes to try to leave as refugees with something and would drown because of the gold in their clothes. So that becomes a less effective way to protect your wealth than today where you can remember 10 words and move anywhere with Bitcoin. So the portability alone of Bitcoin for safety reasons becomes paramount. It’s a life raft.”

So, it means that the Price of Tomorrow’s author considers Bitcoin (BTC) as the safe-haven asset, not gold (XAU).

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