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Pseudonymous Whale Crypto Messiah Bets Big On Two Little-Known Digital Assets

A crypto whale, who simply goes by the name Crypto Messiah, recently made it known that he has intentions of ‘buying tears’ as the current market correction continues. As such, he plans to make big investments in 2 small-cap altcoins, which many would consider being under the radar at the moment.

The altcoins in question are Alpha Finance (ALPHA) and KeeperDAO (ROOK). The whale claims that these 2 are the only ones that he shall be heavily investing in going forward.

‘Stop buying bottoms and selling tops,’ says Crypto Messiah

It had been via Twitter that the crypto whale urged his 130K+ followers to stop investing in cryptocurrencies with the hopes of ‘buying the bottoms and selling the top,’ as this is highly unrealistic and will not work for most.

‘The only way to really do this is to average in and out,’ the whale added. He is also very confident that we will no longer see any more so-called ‘productive assets’ for a long time to come, as well as the fact that the DeFi (decentralized finance) bear market shall not be extended. He then reiterated towards the end that is he once again only here to buy tears.

The whale then went on to exclaim that ALPHA and ROOK are the only low-cap altcoins that he plans to invest in as soon as the eventual sell-off occurs heavily. He stated that he is observing things ‘very closely’ and is keeping his investments highly concentrated. Right now, ROOK’s price is $141.76, and ALPHA is observed to be trading at just over $0.5.

Future of crypto according to Crypto Messiah

Regarding Bitcoin, Crypto Messiah remains bullish. He did also state that El Salvador shall be the initial ‘domino’ that will fall as part of a much bigger trend of increasing worldwide Bitcoin adoption.

He had also expressed interest as to what the meeting between the IMF and President Nayib Bukele will bring to the table, as the IMF would certainly not have preferred Bitcoin to be made legal tender in El Salvador. Still, whatever does happen, the whale is impressed with the direction that the world is heading in as numerous disenfranchised players can now look towards adopting BTC as well in a continued effort towards having a currency that will be free from external manipulation and international politics, which is sure to shake things up even more.

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