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RoyalStox Review

The generation of today has shown great hunger to ensure financial freedom, even amidst a rising population growth in a highly competitive business d environment. One primary approach taken to create wealth and providing a lifetime of financial independence is through digital asset trading. Starting trading may seem like a lot of work. You are less aware of the happenings in the industry and more concerned about not losing your investment. The first and most crucial step for any prospective trader is to locate the right broker.

The broker you select plays a significant role in the experience you might get when carrying out trading.  Why? Because a broker is responsible for providing you with the necessary tools that can either make or mar your chances of maximizing profit from trading. Several brokers claim to offer impeccable services to traders, but it is critical to verify these claims before testing the waters. is a broker that was set up to provide traders and investors with a trading platform that aims to assist them in maximizing profit from their investments. But is this broker reliable and efficient as it claims to be? You shall find out as you read along in this review.

An insight into the trading platform

RoyalS to were created by individuals who have had a vast and first-hand knowledge of how the industry works. It offers users a ready to use platform for carrying out trading activities with hands-on tools to simplify the trading process. Traders on this platform are not physically owning or buying assets; instead, they are involved in trading CFDs. You may earn money by carrying out precise predictions of assets value over time. Fluctuations in the price assets may be an avenue for you to monetize your trading activities.

RoyalStox is focused on providing a platform that will be highly beneficial to traders globally. The company has reiterated its resolve to achieve its goals by providing a secure trading platform for traders. The company has also maintained its stance of offering several assets in the financial market for traders to choose from. RoyalStox has also claimed to provide traders with the necessary enlightenment to enable them to have a clearer understanding of the trading process before they may begin trading on the platform. The company has also boasted of providing a very tight spread, which gives them an edge over other brokers in the industry.

Assets that are traded on

One prominent feature that every prospective and experienced trader looks out for in a broker is the assets list available for trading. You will want to engage in trading with the freedom to choose from a variety of assets without limiting your trading opportunities. offers a variety of assets that may be traded on the platform. You may want to trade in commodities, indices, stocks, or whatever you feel catches your fancy and has a high possibility of increasing your earnings.

 The assets traded in the three primary financial markets are made available for trading in Trading stocks in RoyalStox does not mean you are physically buying stocks, but instead, you are trading on CFDs. CFD is a contract that offers benefits to traders as a result of fluctuations in the price of assets. The broker claims to provide as much as one thousand different asset types for trading on the platform. Forex is another major asset that may be traded on the platform. Traders may choose from eight different currency pairs for trading. Apart from the major currencies, you may also want to trade on other currency pairs that are volatile.

 Some examples of currency pairs that may be traded on the platform include USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/USD, US/RUB, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and EUR/GBP.

Traders have the leeway to select from any of the currency pairs listed above. It may not be in the best interest of traders to tailor their trade on only those currency pairs that are rare. The primary issue with these types of currency pairs is that they are susceptible to high volatility.

Assets with high volatility may be used for your benefits, but they are not advisable for traders who are just starting. For new traders, risk reduction is the primary focus while they strive to understand the market terrain.

Trading in currency pairs (major) may be encouraged due to less volatility and available resources on the past trends of these currencies.

Commodities are other asset types that are also traded on RoyalStox. Examples of commodities traded on the platform include copper, gold, gas, coffee, oil, and silver. All major types of indices are also available for trading on the platform. Some indices that you can trade include NASDAQ, FTSE, DAX, FTSE, SPI, and IBEX.

Stocks traded on RoyalStox are enormous, and the list may be surprising. There are over one hundred stocks that may be traded. It is left for you to select a stock that you are comfortable with trading or one that has the highest prospect of generating income for you.

 A stock that can be easily predicted is more likely to generate income for traders. Stocks of multinational companies are Microsoft, Paypal, Google, Adidas, Coca-Cola.

Is safe?

RoyalStox may have shown that they are concerned about data security as well as traders’ rights protection. Most traders are worried about how safe their details will be if provided on a trading platform.

No one wants their payment information to fall into the wrong hands because cybersecurity issues such as hacking, theft, and Internet scam are prevalent.

Tech giants and other multinational companies have had the bitter taste of cyberattacks at one point or the other. Encryption technology is an advanced security tool that RoyalStox utilizes in securing user data and additional sensitive information.

Every piece of information that you enter into the platform is instantly encrypted, which makes them useless to any attacker that successfully intercepts such data because encrypted data can not be read in its natural form by hackers.

 KYC, as well as policies on to deter money laundering, are other initiatives set aside by the broker to protect traders on the platform. We advise that you avoid doing business with a broker that is not keen on implementing these security measures as a means of safeguarding traders’ investments.

Security policies implemented are beneficial to both you and the broker. That is why kid gloves are never used in dealing with cyber insecurity. Documents submitted by traders are terrific to ascertain legit ownership before you are allowed to commence trading.

The broker also strives to ensure that money laundered is not invested in the platform. Platforms for accessing All activities associated with trading is carried out on the platform. Monitoring of market trends and other trading strategies are done on the platform. 

Some traders are always curious about the type of platform they are using to carry out trading. A web-based trading platform is preferred by several traders to avoid unnecessary downloading and a complicated installation process.

The performance of downloaded software is subjected to the performance of a device. Any form of security lapses in your device may expose your device to hackers who may affect your trading funds in general. Trading on a web-based platform requires no download, and as such, issues of security breaches are less likely to occur.

The broker is responsible for upgrades and other issues bothering in the website performance. With such a platform, you may be able to give access to market charts and other graphs that may be customized according to your preference. 

Aside from the web-based version, traders may also make use of the mobile version that brings simplicity and ease to trading. The mobile version of is available on iOS as well as Android platforms.

It is easy to access this application directly from your smartphone’s store and have unrestricted access to the trading platform. A mobile trading platform allows you to leverage on the easy to use interface to carry out trading immediately an opportunity is presented to you. 

Tools available on

The primary aim of a trader is to maximize profit, and that can be achieved if you have a good understanding of how the market operates.

Your trust in the market to generate profit for you is dependent on the level of information you have about the market. Several hands-on tools are essential in helping traders increase their profit margin, and these tools may be found on the RoyalStox trading platform.

The economic or financial calendar is one tool that informs you of possible events that are capable of influencing the value of assets traded in the financial market.  The need to be informed about market trends, the latest industry news, and potential market shakers can not be overemphasized.

That is why tools like daily and live market summary, which is available on the platform, give you a first-hand grasp of changes in the financial market.

Taking daily records generated from these daily market summary may be helpful to provide you with a pattern of how the market changes. It may also enable you to make a more accurate forecast of what to expect in the market over time.

Types of accounts

Trading on any platform can only be carried out if the trader opens his or her account with the broker.

RoyalStox has different account types that can be operated by traders. Each account has its unique features that are suitable for different categories of traders. Traders may pick from any of the five different account types available on the platform.

As stated earlier, each class of account has its uniqueness. The accounts also have their drawbacks or limitations, so it is best you select one that will meet your specific trading needs.

However, the higher the class of account you open, the more features that may come with the account. That doesn’t in any way mean that other account types, especially the primary account, does not have any feature. With  $250, a trader may be able to open a basic RoyalStox account.

Another class of accounts available on this platform is the bronze account. A trader seeking to open a bronze account will have to make at least $2000. Bonuses accrued to this account are within the range of ten and twenty percent, which is similar to the basic account.

The silver, platinum, or gold accounts offer more bonuses to traders than the basic or bronze account type. The other three account types offer traders as much as 60% bonuses coupled with price alerts and daily analysis reports of the financial market.

The distinctive feature between the three higher account types is that traders operating a silver account can only have access to engage the services of junior managers. Gold and Platinum account holders are given more special treatments because they can have access to top account managers of the company.

The platinum account type is the highest account that a trader may be able to open. The minimum deposit is $25,000. However, you do not need to get startled by the amount as some other brokers collect as much as $50,000 minimum deposits for their platinum accounts. You may even get an introductory session with financial experts is also available for premium account holders.

You may even choose to utilize the referral program and monetize it by inviting others and earning good rewards based on the account type you are operating.

Banking activities in RoyalStox

Major banking activities like withdrawals and deposits are causes of concern for most traders.

Many traders find it challenging to withdraw their funds after struggling hard to make deposits. offers traders multiple options to make payment on the platform.

Debit cards, as well as credit cards, may be used to place deposits. E-payment channels such as Neteller, Giropay, etc. may be used as another viable option. Wire transfer may also be a likely payment option to consider.

In the aspect of making withdrawals, RoyalStox allows you to withdraw your funds into the registered account in their platform. You may be able to get back your deposited funds into your debit or credit card, but not your profits. According to the broker, bonuses and profits are paid via bank transfers.

The processing time for withdrawals and bonuses depends on the method used in initiating both processes.

However, it is essential to note that you may be charged for making withdrawals. RoyalStox makes it open to its traders about the existence of such additional charges, unlike some brokers that may be reserved about hidden charges.

Educational materials on

Every broker would want their clients to be well informed about how trading activities can be carried out. When trades are not favorable, a trader may decide to stop trading on that platform, which may lead to another loss of a client from the broker’s end.

Hence the need for brokers to ensure that their clients stay informed and educated about happenings in the industry. The website contains an archive of training courses that exposes traders to market trends and working strategies that may help them maximize profit.

Customer Service of RoyalStox

Customer support is an aspect that can not be overlooked when searching for an ideal trading platform. All the unique qualities and outstanding features of a trading platform amount to nothing without a sound customer support system.

You have to verify the availability and accessibility of a broker’s customer support system before committing your funds and time. RoyalStox offers traders several contacting options so that they may attend to queries or provide solutions to technical issues. 

Traders may Contact them via various email addresses that are displayed on the broker’s website. These email addresses receive specific queries that are specified so that traders may know the appropriate email address to direct what query.

The website also comes with a feature that allows traders to chat live with representatives from the company. You may also be able to reach out to the broker through the phone numbers displayed on the platform.

General features of

We have provided a list of the RoyalStox features, and they include the following:

Multiple trading platforms provides several types of trading platforms to accommodate all their traders irrespective of the device they have.

The mobile version is compatible with both iOS and Android phones, which allows traders to download RoyalStox’s application from the device app store. The web version comes in handy for desktop owners as well as smartphones that have compatibility issues with the platform.

A variety of Assets

Traders can choose from a range of assets such as commodities, stocks, currencies,s, and indices. The platform offers variety, which is an effective trading strategy.

Data Security

With the use of advanced data security technology, user data and other sensitive information are protected from hacking or cyber-attacks.

Banking Transparency claims to have an open policy that gives information to traders on the way deposit and withdrawals can be made. The broker discusses issues of profits and bonuses.


The is a trading platform that may be trusted. It’s features have been reported to be reliable and efficient by customers and investors. It’s KYC, and verification policy makes it safe for investors or traders to carry out trading. However, we advise traders to be cautious with their investment and start trading with the minimum investment amount, especially for beginners.

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