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South Korea To Verify COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Using Blockchain Technology

The government of South Korea has recently announced that it will be utilizing blockchain technology to prevent the potential use of counterfeit and illegal COVID-19 vaccine passports. It is hoped that the utilization of this technology will enable South Korean officials to keep track of all relevant individuals in an attempt to raise confidence for the new and improved health and safety surveillance measures, their integrity, and finally, their practical usage as the current pandemic continues to dominate our everyday lives.

Blockchain technology to be used and mobile app to be launched this month

Chung Sye-kyun, South Korea’s Prime Minister, made it known that a new mobile application is being developed. This app will allow for the successful management of digitized proof of vaccination and the corresponding passports and certifications and is expected to be launched later this month. As blockchain technology allows for the recording of every transaction that does take place with little to no chance of being hacked, the South Korean government is hopeful that this can be utilized to ensure the integrity of COVID-19 vaccines as well as the safety of the country’s citizens.

Chung further stressed the importance of receiving and implementing mass vaccinations for his country in order to curb the further spread of the pandemic. The mobile app will thus also allow individuals from overseas to use it prior to entering or leaving South Korea.

Numerous countries realize the importance of COVID-19 vaccinations and their potential use for blockchain technology

Many nations, including but not limited to Israel and China, had expressed their desire to implement COVID-19 passports in order to resume some semblance of normal life. Others like the United States remain hesitant and politically divided on such an idea. Nevertheless, countries such as the United Kingdom and Brazil have acknowledged the potential for blockchain technology and the benefits of using it for the purpose of ensuring the continued safety of their citizens.

This shows how increasingly the world is acknowledging the importance of blockchain technology and the benefits that it offers. Different countries from across the entire world are utilizing this modern technology in different fields.

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