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Spanish Crypto Exchange Introduces XRP Debit Card

According to the latest report, you can now settle payments for goods and services across more than ninety million stores worldwide using XRP. In addition, a virtual digital asset exchange in Spain, Bit2Me, has launched a new ATM card, a debit card to allow users to buy goods and pay for services using XRP.

The crypto exchange is a Spain-based crypto asset exchange that enables customers to purchase, trade, and sell virtual digital assets like BTC, XRP, ETH, etc. Bit2Me proclaims to be the first company authorized by the Bank of Spain as a virtual digital asset provider.

It is worth noting that the crypto exchange is the only virtual digital asset-related company that has issued cashback bonuses to customers of its virtual-linked debit card. The previous year, the Bit2Me exchange platform announced a four percent cashback bonus for consumers of its debit cards. The company reported that the cashback would be settled in XRP.

The Bit2Me card, which operates on the MasterCard protocol, allows individuals to purchase commodities and pay for services using XRP across over ninety million businesses globally. Besides a physical card, the Bit2me card can also be accessed virtually, enabling people to pay for goods and services through their cell phones and smartwatches.

According to the announcement, individuals can access a 9% cashback whenever they use the card to pay for services and goods, whether in-store or online. In addition, the crypto exchange reported that the nine percent would be supplied in a magnitude of several crypto assets.

The Infrastructure of the Debit Card 

It is worth noting that the card assists seven other crypto assets besides XRP. The supported crypto asset comprises Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Tether, Polkadot, and the crypto exchange’s native token, B2M.

The card can also enable customers to pull cash from an automated machine supported by MasterCard. They note that the debit card comes with a functional application where customers can smoothly switch to any of the supported crypto assets of their preference to make purchases and withdrawals.

Applauding the innovation, the Chief Executive Officer, Leif Ferreira, and co-founder of Bit2Me, reported that the card is a product of a couple of years of intensive innovation. According to Leif Ferreira, the crypto exchange eventually located a route to consolidate virtual digital assets into the MasterCard network after a couple of years of research of intensive research and development.

Moreover, the crypto exchange announced the debit card is fortified with advanced security networks and other structures, meanwhile enabling customers to lock and unlock the debit card and control its usage limit.

In addition, the crypto exchange is strategizing to launch other important features soon. It also explains the card best due to its involvement in a mixture of virtual digital assets and a purchasing method different from the traditional financial MasterCard.

Cardano Involved in Fake Airdrop

This week Cardano was involved in a scam where the scammers set up a link landing page that similarly mimics the initial SingularityNET one. In addition, they utilized real videos by the chairs of SingularityNET and Cardano’s Input Output universal; however, the page linked to a phishing site.

The link requests traders to bind their wallets on Ethereum and Cardano blockchains, which cannot be gained through a single smart contract. The Twitter account associated with the promotion of this token has no affiliations to do with the actual representatives of AGIX on social media.

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