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Spotify Looking to Embrace NFTs

Last Friday, reports released showed that the music app is starting a test to see how well the incorporation of NFTs will go. The test is carried out on a chosen number of users currently on its Android app in the US.

Users on the app are given a chance to preview NFTs on the profiles of different artists. For now, only a few artists have NFTs on their profiles.

Performers with NFTs 

The first is Steve Aoki, an artist, producer, and DJ who has demonstrated a great deal of enthusiasm for emerging technology. Not only does he possess a handful of (BAYC) NFTs, but he is also a creator, as he is launching his own NFT marketplace that will coexist with the real world.

The second is The Wombats, who released their special NFT project some time ago. Both parties are recognized for their use of Crypto.

Also, Mike Shinoda released his new single in 2021 as an NFT. He was the first major-label artist to delve into the industry. The Kings of Leon followed, by releasing their entire album as NFTs.

Can NFTs Be Bought On the App?

Though there is no chance for the art to be purchased on the app, there’s a chance to purchase it elsewhere. The user can read about the NFT on the app, get the larger version of the preview, and finally will be able to make a purchase when he taps a link that would redirect him to the OpenSea platform.

The music giants don’t display videos on their apps, they only display a fixed picture without any sound. The app spokesperson mentioned that the tests are carried out to enhance the user’s and the artist’s experience.

Spotify users that have made use of this new feature have stated that it is opening a way for a much wider experience, while others have said it only helps them learn a little more about the NFTs. Reports from Music Ally have shown that Spotify is not receiving anything from its current testing.

This is a good development for users all around, as more performers are looking into NFT as a form of income during these periods when international and local tours are affected by the Covid-19 virus

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