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Top Crypto Analyst Qiao Wang Says DeFi and BTC Will Go Through Similar Stages Of Adoption

Qiao Wang, a renowned investor and market analyst, also the co-founder of Messari, shared his perspective on the stages of the next adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) and decentralized finance (DeFi). The question now is, “how will casinos and games coordinate the swift progress of the new generation finances?”

Based on his opinion, Wang believes that the DeFi (Decentralized Financial) Protocols are currently in the first level of adoption, and this current stage will last for quite a while – say two to five years. The current stage of progress he believes will be filled with speculative products, games, and casinos.

During the current level of progress, hundreds of millions of crypto investors will start installing the decentralized wallets and test the space rigorously to contribute to the advancement of the user interface and user experience of decentralized finance. He posited that the new generation of technology would become more scalable and mature.

Wang’s perspective of DeFi adoption is very similar to BTC’s. The crypto market ruler has been a speculative asset for most of the time before transiting to the second phase of complete adoption. The next phase of BTC’s adoption is all about turning into an avalanche of value. Thus, for both BTC and DeFi, the second phase is an integration into the real world beyond the ideal world simulation.

Decentralized Finance will oust the Traditional Market

For most DeFi Preachers, they believe that the new decentralized protocols will oust and replace the traditional centralized markets that exist earlier, but Wang discredits this perception and says that the system would not run a “parallel system” with the existing ones, thereby fighting each other to thrive.

He believes that government and private financial institutions will develop their decentralized financial systems will make the DeFi a new normal.

A similar example is the adaptation of ancient media firms to the adoption of the internet. Instead of relacing, they are running hand-in-hand as all media firms are using the internet as a major tool for their business.

Wang believes that in the long run, it will not be called DeFi as the Prefix will be removed to bear only finance as an indication of the singular features found all across the financial institutions, both the decentralized and the centralized.

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