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Twitter Is All Set To Add BTC Payments And A NFT Feature

It has been announced by Twitter that the platform will be integrating a sort of tipping service on the iOS application thereof. That tipping service includes third-party processors’ involvement regarding digital payments and will be connected with the platform of Twitter. The respective attribute will permit the consumers to incorporate Bitcoin addresses as well as pay via utilizing the cryptocurrency. The news also stated that the platform would also include an NFT (non-fungible token) verification option. The option is made to accompany a famous and rapidly spreading trend in the industry of cryptocurrency. Presently, the feature of NFT is in its development process, and no particular dates have yet been mentioned about its launch.

The Tips service and Bitcoin

The Tips service of Twitter is scheduled to be launched for iOS devices today. The announcement stated that this feature would also launch for android devices in a short time. The Tips service of Twitter will utilize Strike App and other such third-party processors for payments. It has been stated by Twitter that no funds will be directly handled by the platform, and it will not even charge a commission over any of the payments done on the platform. Another chief point of the announcement relates to the capability of Bitcoin tips.

A product group member under Twitter, Esther Crawford, disclosed that the utilization of BTC to be a tipping feature would be accessible to all Twitter customers all over the world. Crawford revealed that it is a bigger chance for the clients to opt for limitless global options. He added that Bitcoin counts as being among the best selections. Whether everyone around the globe transacts with it or not, Bitcoin is still included in the better options.

Former signals about BTC integration

Previous reports had signified that it could be possible for Twitter to move toward the implementation of a mechanism for BTC payments. The initial coding analysis pointed out that a Tip-Jar will be implemented by Twitter that will consider the involvement of the third-party processors for payments like Strike, Wallet of Satoshi, and Blue Wallet, along with the others. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, has constantly been a crypto-industry proponent. He is an American billionaire and is supporting Bitcoin (BTC) to a large extent, along with having a profile description that simply states “#bitcoin.”

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