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XRPL Monitor Detects A Huge Transaction of 100 Million XRP Made by Ripple

Twitter bot XRPL Monitor has detected a gargantuan transaction of XRP that has been made by the blockchain payment tech giant Ripple recently. According to XRPL Monitor, the San Francisco-based company has moved an amount of 100 million XRP between wallets. Reportedly, a part of this amount was also sent by the company to its European On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) corridor.

100 Million XRP got wired in various transactions

This amount is worth $25,493,410. According to the report from the blockchain tracking bot XRPL Monitor, this gargantuan transfer of 100 million XRP was completed in various transactions. In total, there were around eight transactions that took place.

Reportedly, these transactions occurred between the wallets of the company. The names of the wallets are RL18-VN and Ripple. Some in the XRP community believe that the RL18-VN wallet is an escrow wallet of the company.

One of these transactions was made by the company to one of its ODL corridors in Europe that is run by the major digital currency exchange Bitstamp. This transaction consisted of ten million XRP worth around $2,548,743. Furthermore, an amount of 28 million XRP was also wired by the Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange.

ODL and RippleNet are now available in over 55 countries

On the other hand, the company claims on its official website that its global payments network RippleNet and On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solutions are now present in more than 95 countries. And there are over 95 fiat currencies that are being utilized.

There are also mentioned in a graph the name of countries where these tech solutions of the company are available. The global payments network RippleNet is currently present all across the country of China, in some parts of African continents, Bangladesh, as well as in India.

While on the other hand, the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) payment solution of the company can be accessed in countries including Latin America, Mexico, Western Europe and Scandinavia, the United States, Australia, and Alaska, etc. However, these are not currently available in Eastern Europe as per the map present on the website.

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