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Global CTB Review

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Whether you are a beginner trader or a professional one, you must have heard of Global CTB; they are the rising brokerage. For those of you that are planning to invest in the crypto world are going on the right track and might want to read this Global CTB review before you proceed. The crypto world consists of various different digital currencies that are traded online. Although the market is filled with so many different cryptocurrencies, there are a couple that top the rest.

Some of the leading cryptocurrencies in the financial market currently are Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are the most sought after as their value has dramatically increased, and Bitcoin was also the first cryptocurrency that had been introduced within the trading market. It had also caused people to become able to handle their transactions online and made it much easier for everyone. The important thing to note here is that the program which allowed Bitcoin to be created was Blockchain. It is a program or sort of technology that helps people do transactions easily without any need for authority. So no one other than the two parties has a hold over it. Other than this, it is also very private, as no one can have access to it or know much about the traces of Bitcoin, so that is another reason why people prefer it.

But bitcoin is not the only trending cryptocurrency; there are several others, such as Ethereum, and people are investing in all these due to their nature of being secure. The winning factor of these cryptocurrencies is that they are really worth it in the market and have a massive potential to be successful later on. What most investors used to do was that they would invest in a certain cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, and that would secure them their investment. However, now a lot of people have started trading these cryptocurrencies, and that is the way they make a profit in the market.

As always, in order to trade cryptocurrencies and do it successfully, you need to have the right tools. One of these is having the most suitable broker who is experienced and has some sort of familiarity with the financial markets. Choosing a broker should be done properly because there are many who know the right things to say in order to get clients; however, only some come through and have the right services to offer. Many people have worked with Global CTB, and their experiences have been worth the hype. My experience with them was also very good, and therefore you should read this review. In it, I will talk about the good things about Global CTB and why their services are so important.

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Some basic Information about Global CTB

Global CTB is a broker that helps in trading cryptocurrencies. As an organization, it is known to be reliable, safe, and very experienced. One of the things that are very assuring about Global CTB is that it is affiliated with the financial regulator. They basically monitor financial exchanges in order to ensure that any fraud or money laundering does not occur. So due to Global CTB being an active participant of Global CTB, it is a good indication that they are safe to work with and can be trusted.

As a platform, Global CTB offers a lot of services and has ensured that they cover all the departments. They do not restrict their customers; rather give them the freedom to experience trading and exchanging various cryptocurrencies in a secure manner. If their customers ever need extra help while trading, they graciously provide that. It also welcomes everyone; people new to trading are welcomed to join and learn the basics of trading. Other than that, those who already know the basics are encouraged to learn strategies on how to increase their trade profits. As mentioned above, it is a very good platform and is made up of extremely experienced people. They also provide customer support 24 hours a day so that they are always reachable, and that also distinguished them from the rest.

They offer six different account types

When someone chooses a broker and they want to sign up, most of the time, they know what they are looking for. Whether it’s some guidance on how to start their trading careers, access to higher trading rooms, or extra bonuses, they have a goal in mind. It is also important to note that not all of them have the same interests or goals. Therefore a broker cannot accommodate all its customers with just one account. To be able to cater to all of them and provide them with the ease in order to achieve their unique goals, Global CTB offers six different account types. It has more options than anyone within the market and has proven this. For newcomers, their accounts start from basic, and those that have everything and just want maximized profits can choose the VIP account type. Let’s discuss these in a little more detail.

  • Basic

This is the first account that Global CTB has to offer as it starts off really small. To unlock this account, you only have to invest $250, and this package teaches the traders the basics of trading. What the Global CTB consists of and the services that it has to offer. Therefore it is usually recommended for those who are new to this field so that they can grasp what the financial market is all about slowly. With this package, they also offer education, review of the market every day, review of prices within market every day, customer service 24 hours a day and six days a week and lastly a bonus of 30% which is a lot to start with.

  • Beginners

This package is recommended for those that have started out in the trading market and have some idea of what they are doing. But they do not know much about the skills and tricks needed to make trades in an improved manner. This package offers a junior account manager to help you, along with education, customer support, daily reviews, and a bonus of 40%. To unlock this account, you have to deposit an amount of $10,000, which is a bit more than a basic account.

  • Medium

The medium account offers a more experienced accountant such as RayalCbank senior account manager. They offer deeply researched and analyzed reports of the market, prices, and trends. This allows the trader to get more experience and proper guidance, too, as they take the chance to progress their trading career. To unlock this account, you need to be able to invest $25,000, and with that, you get a well-experienced account manager, as well as proper education on the strategies to use and a bonus of 60%.

  • Advanced 

As you go higher and start trading more, the interests change, and most people want to start profiting more too. This account type is meant for those that are interested in making a lot of profit but can also invest a good amount, which is $50,000. However, with this account, you get a VIP account manager who is well experienced and a 70% bonus.

  • PRO

This is the second last account type and offers a lot even though; deposit starts being limited. But with this account, you can also start achieving really high profits, and they are not limited. As the profits are really high, it clearly shows that this account type suits those traders who are well experienced and know what to do. They have to be able to invest an amount of $100,000 and also get a bonus of 80%.

  • VIP

This is the only account that is harder to unlock, as it does not just rely upon whether you can invest or not. Rather they have to be able to bring in a lot of trades and profits. They are also considered exclusive clients and have to directly talk to an account manager in order to get this account. They have really experienced traders and therefore get trained and educated on serious matters too such as indicators.

They have a really experienced team 

For those of you interested in Global CTB but are unsure whether you will get your money’s worth should know that Global CTB has a team of really experienced account managers. They are really well-trained. They know how to deal with your potential clients get them to agree to your terms and conditions of asset prices and all. They also help to improve your profile and help in exchanging different assets from the financial market, which broadens your experience, skills and offers you a chance to earn more profits.

Global CTB has assigned each account type with a suitable account manager. They help to offer you more than what you are experienced in. For example, in a basic account type, you are offered a junior account manager. This way, each trader, no matter what account they are subscribed too has the chance to get trained, experienced, and high profits.

A lot of cryptocurrencies to choose from

Unlike many other brokers and platforms present in the trading market Global CTB offers access to many different cryptocurrencies. This is considered a major plus point because it helps those traders that do not want to stick to one asset. It also helps a lot of traders, no matter what asset they trade-in, to join Global CTB and become really successful and experienced. But out of all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the one that got the most hype. It was also the one that had made many traders millionaires. When compared to the rest of the cryptocurrencies, it is regarded as the best one.

Despite that, Global CTB still offers its traders and customers to do exchanges in other assets that also have a high return on investment, meaning that the profits will be doubled or tripled. One of the current top trending cryptocurrencies is Ethereum, as it is getting noticed as being the future most potential asset to trade-in.

It offers its customers to get trained and educated 

No matter how highly skilled you become, it is always important to get further education. You never know what information you might be missing out on and how that can make a great impact on your trading career and trading skills. In order to do better, Global CTB offers its customers further training and education. They have prioritized establishing a proper system of education that will assist the traders in learning some of the fundamental terms and rules of trading needed to up their game.

They offer various different methods to their traders in order to get training, these include videos, books, one on one training and all of these provide a deeper insight to the market and what trends are a must to know. All of this becomes accessible to the Global CTB customers once they have subscribed officially and have paid the deposit money. The sources date back so that no important information is missed. It also provides authentic information related to trading markets.

Global CTB education

They offer proper security for you and your assets 

Security is a very important factor for everyone. Whether you are a broker or a trader, security is a concern because no one wants any harm done to their work or to lose their investments. Therefore, brokers always ensure that their platform, website, or organization is secure and protected before a trader can have access to it. This should assure the customers, too, because they prioritize the safety of your trading assets highly. That is why they have made their platform indestructible and hack-free so that no one can commit any sort of fraud or money laundering.

Global CTB is known to be a very secure broker platform and is known to keep cryptocurrency assets completely safe. In order to achieve this, they have used the latest technology to secure their website and customer’s accounts, as well as encrypting everything so that no information is leaked.

We have all heard of cases where millions have been lost due to people hacking such platforms and brokers; this has harmed both traders and brokers and has caused people to lose their investments and profits. But Global CTB takes their work and customers’ safety very seriously; therefore, they have hired the best professional workers to develop their program. And make it extremely safe and secure so that no one can pass through security.

The team behind Global CTB is extremely experienced

Maybe a lot of people do not know this, but the team of Global CTB is really experienced. The team had previously been the most professional traders, too, and therefore knew exactly what a trading platform and broker should consist of. Due to years of experience and trading themselves, they managed to come up with the best plan to make this brokerage. It also helped as they knew what services the customers would benefit from. They have helped their traders make some of the best trading deals and get lots of profits by working full time and having the best market knowledge.

The process of depositing and withdrawing your money is very simple

A lot of brokers have made the mistake of making deposits and withdrawing procedures very long and complicated. This is a mistake as it wastes the customer’s time and puts them off from continuing to invest time into your site. As the first step to work with a broker is to invest money, it is important to keep it short and simple. When they are unnecessarily long, people would prefer to go elsewhere and not waste so much time. Some even charge taxes, and that is just an added cost that no one is ever interested in.

Rather than doing that, Global CTB offers a very simple process to deposit your money. After completing the form, all you have to do is pay which does not take very long. As they offer a lot of different options to pay in, it helps the customers choose whichever one is the most accessible and convenient for them. Another factor that is good and ensures that Global CTB is not a scam is that they allow you to withdraw your funds and money. As we already know, people who are scamming you do not allow the return of money no matter what.


Global CTB is the top trending broker in the market. It has made a name for itself by being a credible broker that is interested in helping its customers achieve their goals with the right help. In order to do that, Global CTB has provided a platform with various services that include customer support, easy transactions, education, and trading, maximize profits, and bonuses. The education offer is an extremely attractive one as they have many sources developed to provide you with a stable source of advice and training. These will help you to make the right decision so that you can do better in your trading career.

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