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TimeX Review – Taking A Close Look At This Exchange

TimeX Review

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TimeX Exchange is Australia’s plasma-based hybrid cryptocurrency exchange-service that combines speed, privacy, and transparency to provide users with fast, safe, and convenient trading experience. The cryptocurrency space has seen a rapid boost over the past couple of months and weeks, thanks to its pioneering asset, Bitcoin, and other top-ranking altcoins that have made positive headlines across top financial hubs. The statistics look very promising and Bitcoin has continued to maintain its high-flying position despite the market’s volatility, making it the demanded asset to invest.

There is no doubt that crypto is the future, and will be around for as long as we can imagine. Its presence is evident across virtually all spheres of the economy, especially in the world of business. Modern technologies have allowed for seamless integration of Bitcoin and crypto across various business processes including bill payments, item purchases, loan settlements, and so on. New investors now have a plethora of avenues to benefit from, thanks to the massive crypto activities happening globally, on a daily basis. These opportunities are our focus today.

As an aspiring crypto and Bitcoin investor or trader, it is crucial to choose an exchange platform that is solid, efficient, and reliable. This way, you would have partnered with an exchange service provider that can help you to manage and monitor your financial growth effectively while also helping you to expand your crypto assets reserve effortlessly.

The unparallel success of the crypto community has attracted many fraudsters to pitch their tents among legitimate service providers in an attempt to rip-off unsuspecting investors. Over 80% ICO offerings today are scams. The numbers continue to rise everyday as more fake service providers continue to join the market space. Without accurate insight, unsuspecting investors can easily fall victim, or even loose all their hard-earned investments to mischievous schemes. Many times, these fraudulent service providers lace their deceitful projects with unbelievable offers in an effort to swindle unsuspecting investors and traders.

Thankfully, however, there are also several legitimate exchange-services providers who offer reliable, safe, and convenient exchange services to traders and investors. These kinds of platforms provide their users with the opportunity to make the most out of the crypto space. Not just that, they also provide the necessary tools and resources needed to successfully navigate the market’s volatility. Added to that, they ensure the safety of their users’ assets and data by incorporating the necessary logistics to protect them from hackers and cybercriminals and all other vices within the crypto space.

Whether you’re a crypto trader or an aspiring investor, the goal is always to succeed in the crypto market, and to grow. To achieve this, one must partner with the right exchange service provider. It is important to choose a suitable and well-grounded exchange provider because they will be your closest ally within the crypto space. They will provide you the security, tools, information, and whatever other resources you may need to navigate the market successfully.

Information is critical in the crypto world. Most of what you will need is security and accurate & timely information. Inaccurate information is detrimental; you will make poor investment decisions. Accurate information delivered late is also detrimental; you will join in on profitable opportunities a little too late. However, the right information delivered on time will help you make better, more informed investment/trading decisions. You will take safer risks and generally enjoy a smoother and more productive experience.

Because your exchange provider is your primary resource for security and accurate & timely information, you must choose carefully when deciding on which service provider to partner with. This will give you deeper insight concerning the daily happenings in the crypto community. As a result, you can make more informed decisions, risk less, and profit more.

The key to finding the ideal service provider is by carrying out in-depth research and analysis. In truth, undertaking this responsibility singlehandedly can be a daunting task. You will need to invest a lot of time and effort. You may have to carry out several researches, seek expert counsel, read through several reviews, find out what the forums are saying, keep tabs on social communities and so on. However, through this post, we intend to cut a chunk of that stress. Our team of experts are always surveying the market to find credible, efficient, and reliable exchange service providers. Today, we will be introducing TimeX, a credible, solid, and dependable exchange service provider with a plethora of resources to cater to multiple varieties of trading/investment needs.

TimeX website

This review on TimeX will be straightforward and comprehensive. Our aim is to provide you with relevant insight that will guide you to make a more informed decision.

Location HQ – Australia

Global Team – Australia, Brazil, USA, New Zealand, UK, Europe

Margin Trading YES
Digital Assets 177+
Account Needed YES
Verification Mandatory
Verification Levels 3 tiers
Trading Platform Web-Based, Mobile App
Payment Methods Crypto and Fiat
Deposit Fees FREE
Trading Fees Flat Fees (may vary in a few cases)
Withdrawal Fees N/A
Withdrawal Fees Discount Tiered Discount
Fiat Deposit YES
Customer Support e-mail, Live chat, Telephone, and FAQ
24 hours Trading Volume 96,897.7 BTC
Native Token YES
Native Token Smart Contract N/A
Trading Markets 192+
Stable Coins Trading YES
Daily Withdrawal Limit N/A
Proof of Reserves N/A

TimeX is one of Australia’s leading crypto exchange services launched in July 2019. The platform is feature-rich and supports investment and trading on multiple crypto assets, including top assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether, Dai, etc. as well as other exotic altcoins. TimeX incorporates Plasma-based technologies to provide a hybrid crypto exchange platform that combines speed, privacy, security, and transparency to deliver fast, safe, and convenient exchange services to its millions of users.

Affiliate Program

TimeX offers a very generous affiliate program. The program allows users to invite friends to start an account on TimeX Exchange. When they open accounts with the exchange, you receive rewards for your referrals. You can earn up to 80% on the accumulated trading fees generated by the friends you invited to TimeX Exchange. This percentage is unusually high—the highest recorded in the industry yet.

Trading Fees

Trades occur between two parties, the Makers (who place orders on the order book prior to the trade) and the Takers (who places an order that matches that of the Maker, or simply “takes” the Maker’s order). The Makers are so named because the market’s liquidity is influenced by their orders. The Takers relieve the liquidity by matching the orders placed by the Takers with theirs.

Unlike some other exchange services, TimeX doesn’t offer flat trading fees (equal trading fees for both Makers and Takers). There are varying trading fees for both parties on TimeX Exchange. Takers are charged 0.5%. This is reasonably lower than the Industry average which stands at 0.25% or lower, given certain circumstances. Makers, on the other hand, are charged 0.25% which is quite high as it stands at virtually the same rate as industry averages.

All said, TimeX offers higher trading fees in comparison to industry standards and most other exchange service counterparts. The withdrawal fees are similar to that of the trading fees.

Trading View

The trading view on TimeX is intuitive and simple. It is intelligently designed to provide ease while trading or monitoring your account or trading activities. The price chart and other key features are all displayed clearly so that you do not miss anything. The design offers two variants. There is a simple minimalist view that features only the crucial menu options required for trading, allowing you to focus on what’s important. There’s also the compact view that features a host of other menu options and market indicators. This view is excellent for pros who do not want to miss out on any detail. It is still very intelligently designed, even though it features a compact outlook.

The Settings menu allows you to select what view suits your preference. You can also make a few tweaks to better customize the view to your specific needs.

TimeX trading view

Deposit Methods

Thankfully, TimeX allows both crypto and fiat deposits. This make it very convenient for new investors and traders to work with the exchange platform the first time. Fiat deposits are accepted only through wire transfer currently. The management is still working to integrate other deposit methods, like credit and debit card payments, etc. this qualifies TimeX as an entry-level exchange (meaning that new or ‘entry-level’ investors and traders can kickstart their crypto journey directly on the platform without having to first acquire a wallet elsewhere).

US Investors

The regulations laid down by the United States’ Security Exchange Commission (SEC) prevents several exchange providers from accepting US users on their respective platforms. Although these stipulations are security-focused, for the best interest of the user, it also prevents US investors from harnessing many great opportunities.

TimeX doesn’t expressly indicate whether or not they restrict US investors. Their Terms & Conditions does not contain any explicit prohibitions against US traders or investors.

Customer Support

One of the selling points of this exchange service is the efficiency of their customer support. There are many good reviews from customers and users of the platform, indicating that their customer support service is satisfactory. Their representatives are adept in handling issues within the digital trading space.

Getting in touch is easy. TimeX offers more than one alternatives through which users can access support. Users can choose between Live chat, e-mail, and Telephone. Alternatively, also, users can harness the knowledge base available on the FAQs section of TimeX’s forum as most of the recurring enquires have been resolved expressly here.

Simplified Exchange Services

TimeX has made it possible for non-users to purchase crypto on the platform even without signing up on the exchange. This is possible if you want to make a transaction below $300. You can purchase crypto using card. You can also receive digital assets directly to your personal wallet address. To make transactions of a higher amounts on the platform, you will have to create an account with TimeX.

TimeX also supports AUDT transactions (a stable coin pegged to or backed by another stable asset. It can be gold or fiat currency). This helps to monitor the volatility of digital assets like ETH and BTC in the financial market. Users can make AUDT transactions on TimeX.

Powerful API Support

TimeX offers a powerful API that allows developers to build useful resources like trading bots, etc. to enable users harness high frequency trading. This way, users can easily automate their trading strategies for a more effective and efficient experience. It also amplifies the speed and convenience at which trades are made.

Trading Terminal Integration

This allows a user to leverage TimeX API Keys by integrating their TimeX account to affiliate trading tools for a more seamless and versatile trading experience. For instance, an app like TabTrader can be incorporated for an amplified experience. After integration, you can access your TimeX order books on the go using TabTrader.

Trading Assets

The best exchange platforms put their customers at the forefront of their decisions where it concerns trading. The crypto market has evolved in volatility because of the high influx of traders and investors looking to benefit form the daily activities within the crypto space.

TimeX offers a variety of trading assets to users including top demand assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. The platform also supports a mixed variety of other trading assets in order to accommodate users who cannot afford the more expensive options.


KYC and verification requirements on TimeX are minimal. However, Investors and traders have to meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years. This and a few other prerequisites are strictly monitored by the verification system before your account is activated.

Security Protocol

Thanks to modern technologies, online investments now enjoy more solid security. This has helped to minimize the rate at which cybercriminal activities happen, especially within the crypto space.

TimeX has incorporated hi-tech security strategies to repel third-party interferences. The exchange platform features a security protocol that is top-notch. It also incorporates standard SSL security protocols that is further enhanced by Two Factor Authentication. To add to that, user data and funds are stored securely across cold wallets, in protected offline locations, where they are safe from cyber access.

Additionally, TimeX incorporates KYC and Anti Miney Laundering protocols. This way, the platform can report any irregularities it detects during a customer’s transaction.

OTC Trading

TimeX offers OTC (Over the Counter) services. This service allows a customer to bypass the exchange market’s price and easily access any digital currency quickly and effortlessly.

Sign up

Signing up on TimeX is a simple and straightforward process. Simply visit their official website at

Next, you will be required to fill out some information for registration. Carefully input the correct information. Wait for the verification process to initiate and complete successfully. Open your account and make a deposit… You’re ready to trade!


  • What is TimeX Exchange?

TimeX is a licensed hybrid Australian crypto exchange where users can buy major and other popular crypto assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. The exchange platform offers a plethora of other additional benefits including privacy, security, speed, and reliability.

  • Does TimeX support fiat?

Yes. TimeX supports a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods including fiat and crypto. The company will soon integrate seamless card transactions. However, Australian users can make card transactions on TimeX. A few other countries also have this access at the moment.

  • Does TimeX integrate KYC protocols?

For additional security, TimeX offers a range of security protocols including KYC. Other protocols include Two Factor Verification, SSL, etc.

  • Are US citizens restricted from using TimeX?

There are no explicit restrictions against US citizens on the TimeX Exchange platform.

  • How many trading markets are available on TimeX?

There are over 190+ trading markets available to TimeX users.

  • Is TimeX API scalable?

Yes. TimeX features a scalable and intuitive API that allows developers to integrate any permitted resources like trading bots, etc. in order to enhance their trading experience, and to harness the power of high frequency trading.

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