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Guy Galboiz Shares All You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have become the hottest trend in the market these days and everyone is clamoring to find more about them. What exactly is cryptocurrency? n simple terms, it is a virtual or digital currency created to work as a medium of exchange. We recently invited Guy Galboiz, a renowned crypto influence, to share his knowledge…
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NEM is a Sleeping Giant

Most altcoins are nothing more than forks of other blockchains. They address perceived needs but are not designed to handle what happens when the demand and volume stress the system. Even Bitcoin, the $40 plus billion cryptocurrency, has become a coin where transactions can take several minutes to be completed due to a poor design.…
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Welcome To The New Age. Welcome to DASH

DASH had a clear purpose in mind when it was created, solving the inherent problems Bitcoin possess by speeding transactions, increasing privacy, and creating an entirely decentralised governing system. With DASH all your payments are untraceable, and your transactions and balances are only for you to view. The level of anonymisation you DASH offers is…
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