OrbitGTM Review – Taking A Close Look At This Broker

OrbitGTM Review

OrbitGTM logoFor online trading, traders must be attached to a brokerage platform because they cannot trade on their own. These platforms provide modern tools to make trading easy and also help in decision-making. There are hundreds of brokerage platforms in the market, but I am here with OrbitGTM review, which is a reputed platform providing services for many years. With the sincere efforts of good online brokers like OrbitGTM, more and more traders are migrating towards online trading.

A trader who starts online trading is undoubtedly in pursuit of making a profit, and in this field, it is not important if you have any experience or not. If you dream of trading, you can do it whenever you get a chance. Online platforms welcome traders of every level without any discrimination. But trading requires hard work and dedication in order to gain profits. To boost the profits, traders need to learn how to use advanced tools because these tools are extremely useful to anticipate the market trends and invest according to situations. It is obvious that no trader wants to risk his/her investment. Some are brave and daring enough to play big games while the rest of the traders go with the tide. Both these traders would definitely want different types of services from their traders. To provide them their desired services, there are so many trading firms available in the market that provide the traders a loaded platform for lucrative trading.

A trader’s life revolves around his decisions, and the most important decision which trade has to make in his career is to select a trustworthy broker. If you are also in pursuit of a trustworthy broker, then most probably you would be searching it on Google. If this is the case, then thousands of options will show up in front of you, claiming unlimited services and rewards. But the point here is, are these brokers true to their words, or are they even capable of providing their claimed services? The answers to these questions can only be found in reviews and testimonials of reputable and seasoned traders.

Being a trader, you would definitely want your broker to provide more and more opportunities, features, and tools so that you could trade effectively. OrbitGTM is one of those few brokers that provide freedom to select trading instruments of your own choice. These trading instruments include Forex pairs, indices, stocks, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. If some trader wants to focus only on one trading instrument or if he wants to expand his investment in various instruments, in both cases, he will be helped by OrbitGTM. This is the reason most people give priority to this broker over the others.

OrbitGTM website

About OrbitGTM

As you already know that this is a review of OrbitGTM. Let’s directly come to the topic. OrbitGTM has set a purpose in front of it, and it tries its level best to fulfill this purpose. The purpose is to provide convenience and peace of mind to its traders to make trading easy for them. Although it is still a new broker in this market, still it has earned a good reputation, and now it is considered the most secure, trustworthy, and professional broker.

It is accurate that the platform is providing a lot of instruments for trading, but the instrument for which it is considered a specialist is cryptocurrency. OrbitGTM consists of an experienced team of expert traders who keep on brainstorming ideas to come up with the latest productive strategies. As it is providing services for cryptocurrency trading for a while now, it knows all its pros and cons. They already know what the requirements and needs of traders are. That is why they know exactly how to cater to their needs. OrbitGTM is armed with ultra-modern technology and advanced tools which provide a guarantee of earning profit to the traders.

In an effort to provide a broader perspective of OrbitGTM’s features and services, some of its inspiring features are explained below.

Trading Instruments

For the traders, OrbitGTM provides multiple options of trading instruments, out of which traders can choose whichever instrument they want. The instrument in which OrbitGTM specializes in cryptocurrency. There are more than 5000 digital coins available for trading in the world, and OrbitGTM allows you to trade all of those coins which possess the ability to grow. A wide variety of trading instruments gives traders leverage to choose assets freely instead of making a decision under the pressure of a broker. OrbitGTM is without any doubt the best option to resolve the problems of traders because no other broker is providing so many trading instruments in one place.

Some of the digital coins offered by OrbitGTM for trading are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, IOTA, and Ripple. OrbitGTM is a high-rated brokerage platform that is why it keeps the quality and standard of its services high in order to save its reputation. For the sake of its reputation, OrbitGTM adds assets to the platform after thorough research. The purpose of this research is to check if an asset possesses the potential of profit or not. Other brokers skip this important step that is why their offered assets can become a reason for traders’ loss.

Cryptocurrency is not the only option being provided by OrbitGTM. It offers almost every trading instrument available in the market. Parallel to cryptocurrency, it is also providing its services to trade in foreign currency exchange, stocks, indices, and more. Having plenty of options in front makes decision-making easy for traders because they can select according to their own will.

Trading Platform Of OrbitGTM

OrbitGTM trading platform

In online trading, there is no direct communication between the trader and the broker. All the communication is over the internet that is why the importance of trading platforms further increases. The trading platform plays an integral and much-needed role in online trading, and it is also a key factor in deciding the reputation of a broker because a broker cannot be called a good broker if its trading platform is below average. The team of OrbitGTM is well versed and experienced, which helps the firm to create a trading platform that is all-embracing, informational, and user friendly. The software specialists have gone to another level and designed the platform by taking care of the smallest and deep details to enhance the trading experience of its customers.

The trading platform of OrbitGTM is web-based. That is why it is interactive and easily approachable. The perks and advantages of web-based platforms are uncountable. On top of all, the trader does not need to install even a single software package. It is because a web-based platform just needs to be logged in, and it can be done from any place in the world where you have access to the internet. Other than this, there is no constraint on devices, whether it is authorized or not authorized to be used as a trading device. The platform of OrbitGTM is performance-optimized and well maintained to provide its customers a seamless trading experience. The platform of OrbitGTM is reachable from computers, laptops, and mobile phones (both IOS and android) with the help of a browser. The good thing is that the platform supports all the good browsers available in the market, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, etc. The platform is equipped with the latest tools and technology that is why you would not feel any deprivation. These tools include price alerts, market trends, live price charts, trading signals, and many more. All these features and tools make OrbitGTM able to help its traders in decision-making, which is rare in the case of other brokerage platforms.

OrbitGTM platform also provides an education section that aims to teach skills to its traders. The video lectures and books present on the website cover all the important topics such as simple/exponential moving average, blockchain, and mining.

Safe Platform

The most important thing for a trader during trading is the security of his funds and information. Inexperienced traders often become victims of cyber-attacks because they are soft targets for them. That is why it becomes the duty of the broker to provide foolproof security because traders depend on him for this purpose. If you seek to find a legitimate and reliable broker, then choose that broker who has not been subject to cyber-attacks in the past. I am glad to tell you that OrbitGTM has never been a victim of cyber-attacks.

OrbitGTM is one of those few brokers who are completely legitimate, trustworthy, and professional. The platform has implemented all the policies which are essential for the safety of traders. The two most important policies which are implemented by OrbitGTM are KYC and AML. KYC is Know Your Customer while AML is Anti Money Laundering. Without discussing these policies, this review will remain incomplete. These policies are implemented to serve separate purposes. KYC policy bounds newcomers to prove their identity through proper documentation. A person with bad intentions will never dare to register himself on OrbitGTM because he will have to provide complete details. If after registration he does any suspicious activity, he will be in the grip of law. AML policy also works on the same principle, but its purpose is to eliminate the chances of money laundering and terrorist financing. Due to the implementation of these two policies, the traders remain satisfied.

Does a question erupt in the minds of traders at this point that is their information safe? In the wake of KYC and AML policy, traders provide their basic personal information to the broker. That is why this question is legit. Due to this reason, it becomes the supreme duty of the broker to ensure the safety of traders’ information. In this regard, OrbitGTM uses an important encryption policy which is known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This is a 32 layers encryption which means that your data will be unusable for everyone except OrbitGTM. This encryption helps the platform to transmit money and information safely between the broker and traders.

There is no doubt left because OrbitGTM has taken all necessary steps to give peace of mind and satisfaction to its traders while trading on this amazing platform.

Client Relations

Another important aspect that differentiates OrbitGTM from other brokers is its healthy relationship with its clients. There are plenty of brokerage platforms in the market which claim big but never fulfill their claims. OrbitGTM is an exceptional broker because it has worked a lot on its customer support services and made it a role model for others to follow. First of all, there is an FAQ section present on the website which contains answers to the most common questions. You may not even need to contact the broker about trivial issues after reading this section.

I have said multiple times that this broker is different from all other brokers since the beginning of this review, and in this part of my review, you will also accept this. Four separate methods are provided for the traders to contact the broker. These methods include paying a visit, contact form, email address, and telephone numbers. In the online trading market, all the business is over the internet, and you never get a chance to meet your broker despite working for many years together. Due to the online nature of this field, the risk increases as you do not know anyone personally. But OrbitGTM has broken the norms by providing addresses of its five different offices so that its traders can visit them for their satisfaction. Their traders are spread all over the world. That is why, for their convenience, OrbitGTM has established its offices in five different countries, and you can pay a visit to the nearest office whenever you want. These offices are located in Switzerland, London, Singapore, Sweden, and Netherland.

The second method to contact OrbitGTM is by filling the contact form provided on the platform. The form is simple and easy, and you can fill it in just one minute. All you need to do is write your name, email address, and country name. You also need to provide a mobile number so that a customer support agent may contact you if needed. After that, you will write your question or problem in the given field in detail, and your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

The third method to contact the broker is by writing an email to the customer support team. This is the most recommended way of contacting the broker because they respond to all the emails sent to them. The last method to contact the broker is by calling directly on the given phone numbers and directly sharing your problem with the customer support agent.

Multiple Account Types

Every trader has different needs, dreams, and investments. That is why one account type cannot be suitable for all traders. Most of the brokers only offer one or two accounts, and traders are not able to adjust in this restricting situation. That is why most of the traders look for brokers who provide multiple account types. The higher number of accounts facilitates the needs of a trader in a better way. OrbitGTM apprehends the diversity of its traders and has cautiously created multiple account types so that each trader can find a befitting account type. In total, it has created six types of accounts, and each one is unique compared to the others.

  • Basic Account

The first type of account being offered by OrbitGTM is named Basic Account. To register for a basic account, you only need to deposit 250 dollars in your account. OrbitGTM is one of the most affordable brokerage platforms in the market. This account type is specially created for newcomers. In this account, all the basic services such as 24/6 customer support, daily market updates, education section, and price alerts are provided without any extra charges.

  • Beginner Account

This account type is created for those traders who already know the basics of online trading. You can own this account by depositing 10k dollars. In this account, a junior manager is provided to help the trader. In addition to the features of a basic account, trading indicators and a 40% bonus are also provided in this type of account.

  • Medium Account

This account type is recommended for those traders who have experience of a couple of years. You can unlock this account by depositing 25k dollars. With this money, you will be provided a senior manager to sort out your problems. You will also receive a 60% bonus on this type of account. In addition, all the features of a basic account and beginners account are included in this package.

  • Advanced Account

This account is created for advanced-level traders because its features are difficult to utilize for beginner traders. Only experienced traders can own this account because it requires an initial deposit of 50k dollars. This account offers a bonus of 70%. In addition, a VIP manager is provided to advanced account holders.

  • PRO Account

Those traders who possess a reasonable amount of experience and have already accomplished a lot in this field can go for this account type. The amount needed for this account type is 100k dollars due to its advanced features. All the features of previously mentioned accounts are collectively provided in this account. In addition, a bonus of 80% is rewarded at the time of registration.

  • VIP Account

This account is the top-rated account the platform offers at the moment. This account is suitable for those traders who have plenty of experience and belong to the elite class. This account is not offered to everyone, and you need to contact the manager of OrbitGTM, who will decide whether to give you this account or not. To be eligible for this account, you must meet the requirements set by the platform.

Final Remarks

OrbitGTM is offering unique tools, features, and services to its traders which were never seen before. If you want to have a good trading experience with little risk, then OrbitGTM is the most trustable broker for you with its state-of-the-art features.

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