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For ages, Nguyen has served as a vocal supporter of the BSV public ledger and expanding the bitcoin core system, visiting several countries to hold BSV Smart contract conferences and other functions. We thus understood that anything he did afterward would be significant.

Jimmy Nguyen’s Proposition 

Nguyen proposed the creation of an innovative business this week called Blockchain For All, which would offer guidance, instruction, and technological alternatives in an effort to make smart contracts helpful for all individuals, businesses, and nations.

For years, Nguyen has constantly argued in favor of substantially expanding smart contract innovation, which would enable it to process vast quantities of activities and big data exchanges at low costs and quick timeframes. Certainly, this fresh endeavor will aid in that.

Establishing Virtual world Structures worldwide

The Metaverse has become a major subject over the last few years, as everyone active in the smart contracts business is well aware. Nguyen’s initial business endeavor will concentrate on constructing five Metaverse environment clusters in significant global cities.

How does the Metaverse structure appear? They will be

  • Immersion multiplexes or entertainment venues as the foundation.
  • Equipped with innovation to facilitate “phygital” encounters (personal + virtual).
  • Will include academic facilities, prospective innovation clusters, Metaverse and flowrate creative labs, and assets for hotels and other services along with other multi-use buildings.

Nguyen is committed to putting all the buzz about smart contracts and other emerging innovations to the test by showcasing their practical applications. He encourages individuals to witness the effects firsthand.

The following is the blueprint for the various Virtual world environment structures:

  • London, UK – 2024 is the anticipated debut date.
  • UAE – A 2025 debut is planned.
  • Singapore – A 2026 debut is planned.
  • Sydney, Australia – 2027 is the anticipated debut date.
  • Miami, USA – 2028 projected rollout date

Nguyen and his collaborators believe that a variety of innovations, including AR/VR, photorealistic and 3D projections, smart contracts NFTs, virtual money, incentives vouchers, IoT equipment, authentication intelligence, algorithms, and more, have the capacity to be integrated into these facilities.

The Organization Behind the Virtual World Project

Nguyen will collaborate alongside Ketan Makwana and Michael Jacobson, the co-founders of Seventy7 Investments, who should be recognizable to anyone involved in the BSV community. These seasoned businesspeople will undoubtedly provide the expertise that compliment Nguyen’s, increasing the likelihood that this endeavor will succeed.

A prominent businessman in the performing theater and recreational sectors is Jacobson. His firms had the intellectual property licenses for the legendary film “Dirty Dancing,” among many other lucrative business operations that included managing cinemas, stadiums, and conference spaces.

Makwana is a well-known digital financier and innovator who presently holds the position of director of Seventy7 Investments. He has been a part of more than 400 businesses and has already advised a previous British coalition government.

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