ActiveBrokerz Review – The Right Choice for Every Trader

ActiveBrokerz Review

The financial markets are quite vast and they bring a huge amount of opportunities for those who are interested. One of the opportunities that the financial markets can present to people is trading i.e. buying and selling an asset with the goal of making money. Investing in financial instruments has a great potential of profits as compared to any other form of investment because of several reasons. First and foremost, there are hundreds of financial assets available in the market that can be invested in. Secondly, there are little or no barriers to entry for people who wish to make their foray into this world.

Due to these reasons, trading has gained immense popularity in the past few years as the internet has made it very accessible to everyone. Also, more and more people are looking for ways to increase their income and trading presents a wonderful opportunity for them to do so. Making up your mind to start trading means that you have to establish some goals, tame your expectations and decide on your budget. Then, you can move forward to one of the most important decisions that have to be made; selecting a broker. Finding a broker can prove to be quite a tricky decision for traders.

This is because there are literally hundreds of online brokerages that are offering their services to aspiring and experienced traders all over the world. It can become very confusing because all these brokerages will be offering you platforms that allow you to trade numerous assets in the financial market. Hence, it can become a major challenge, but it is not a decision that you can make without thinking things through. If you have any knowledge of the trading market, then you must be familiar with the various scams that have happened.

Not all brokers can be trusted as some are downright shady and do not provide quality services to their clients. They tend to make big claims, but don’t really live up to them. Likewise, there are some brokers that aim to help traders in diversifying their portfolio and there are also those who offer a limited number of assets. Similarly, some brokers aim to provide low cost trading to their customers while others will be more focused on creating a secure environment. You need to prioritize what is important to you and then make your decision. MT4 MT4

An Overview of ActiveBrokerz

When considering the variety of options in the market, you will come across the name of ActiveBrokerz. It is an investment brokerage that’s located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. What distinguishes this brokerage from the rest is that it is fully customer-oriented, which means that all of its services and features are client-optimized. For instance, the asset index that the brokerage offers is optimized to help its clients make the most of their investment in the financial markets. The foundation of this brokerage was set forth by former traders who had a deep understanding of the market and the needs of traders, being one themselves.

This allowed them to develop a brokerage that could attend to their needs in the best possible way. ActiveBrokerz, therefore, offers an award-winning trading platform, which can be easily accessed and mastered by every single trader, no matter what their trading experience might be. Since the brokerage offers its services to traders all over the globe, it provides support for a number of languages to make it easy for everyone to interact with its platform. You can access the website of ActiveBrokerz in a total of 18 languages. Another important thing to know about the broker is that it welcomes all classes of traders to its platform.

You can confirm this by taking a look at the account options at ActiveBrokerz, which are three in total. Each of these account options are for a different category of traders, which means newbie traders as well as experts will be able to fulfill their trading goals quite easily. Apart from that, the brokerage has also given its clients the option of choosing between a demo and live account. This makes ActiveBrokerz even more unique because it gives everyone the opportunity of testing their services and platform without actually having to sign up and risking their money. free trading tools free trading tools

There are some powerful and effective trading tools that ActiveBrokerz has made available to its clients. These trading tools are developed to simplify the complex trading analysis process in such a way that it enables traders to make smart decisions. Moreover, the tools that are available on the broker’s platform also help traders in planning ahead for possible rise or decline in the market. By providing such useful and handy tools, ActiveBrokerz has empowered all its traders to be ready to take on all the challenges in the financial market.

Another stronghold of the ActiveBrokerz trading platform is their education. It is equipped with a wide array of educational resources for helping their clients in making the most of their investments. The educational resources that have been compiled cover some of the most important aspects of the financial market. A diligent and dedicated trader will be able to thrive on the ActiveBrokerz platform and this is not because the brokerage promises its clients 100% trading success. Instead, it is because the platform provides such traders’ access to such valuable resources that they can help them in reaping the benefits.

Deposits and withdrawals have also been made simple and easy for all traders by ActiveBrokerz. Several methods have been incorporated by the brokerage that can be used by traders for funding their trading accounts on the platform. Similarly, they have ensured that withdrawing also remains reasonable and convenient for everyone or else it can be quite frustrating for traders to not be able to access the money they have made. The administrators of ActiveBrokerz have also shown that security is of the utmost importance to them.

They have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of client information as well as the funds they deposit with them. Along with that, ActiveBrokerz has established clear and open channels that can be used by clients for reaching out to them with their queries and feedback. Clients can use multiple channels like telephone, email, and more for reaching out to the customer care team. It should be noted that the services of this brokerage are not available to people in the United States and some other regions in the world. Other than these regional exemptions, ActiveBrokerz offer their services to other countries across the globe.

Now that we have a basic idea of the services that Active Brokzers can offer, let’s take a closer look at some of its unique features that can make it the right choice for every trader:

Live and Demo Accounts

When you move onto the registration process at ActiveBrokerz, you will be presented two options to choose from; a demo account or a live account. These act as the perfect complementary set if you want to have a successful career in trading.

Demo Account

The demo account is considered perfect for traders who want to test their trading strategies without putting their actual investment on the line. This account comes with every feature of a standard trading account and you will be able to use them in the market. The charts that are associated with this account will show the trends exactly as they are played out in the real financial market. The only thing that distinguishes a demo account from a live one is the fact that the stakes in the former are not real. The trades that you execute on the demo account don’t hold any real stakes because you are not actually using the funds in your account; you make use of virtual currency that’s provided by ActiveBrokerz.

This virtual currency is only available for making trade executions on the demo account and nothing more. The profits you make through the demo account cannot be transferred to other accounts or withdrawn. You can only use the profits for making more trades via the demo account. In the same way, the losses you encounter while trading through the demo account can only be deducted from the virtual currency that was added by ActiveBrokerz to the account in the first place. A demo account can offer endless advantages to the traders. Since the stakes in this account are not real, traders are able to execute trades without any fear of losses.

In this way, they are able to get in as much practice as they want, something that can be great for a newbie. They can try out various trading strategies to find the one that can give them the most profits and they can do so without wiping out their bank account. Even expert traders find the demo account very useful because they are able to try out new trading styles on the real account and can also eliminate mistakes in their existing trading strategies. It is actually recommended by professional traders and market experts that traders should record a high level of trading success via a demo account before they involve any real stakes in trade execution.

Live Trading Account

A live account is exactly like the demo account in all aspects except for the fact that the stakes in this account are actually real. This means that when you are using a live trading account, you will using actual funds. Hence, the profits and losses that are made through live trading orders will be accrued to your funds. The profits that you make via live trade executions can be used for making additional trades, transferred or withdrawn, as per your preference.

Different Live Account Options

There are three live account options that Account Brokerz offers to its customers. These three choices, similar to their names, fulfill the needs of different categories of financial traders and investors. You can find an account for every class of financial trader on the ActiveBrokerz platform. The options that you can find are outlined below:

  • The Beginner Account

As obvious from the name of the trading account, it has been developed for those who are just getting started with the trading process. The minimum amount that you have to invest for opening this account is €250. The features available under this account are limited because it is for newbies and they don’t really need a lot of tools at the start. This account includes online live webinars as well as free daily market research reports that can provide useful information and insights.

  • The Intermediate Account

This particular account, as the name signifies, is developed by ActiveBrokerz for intermediate traders who have a little bit of experience in trading financial instruments. To open this account, traders are required to make a minimum deposit of €5,000. The features that traders are given under this account include access to the top assets, dedicated account manager, online academy, access to an expert advisor for three months and three one-on-one live sessions.

  • The Expert Account

This particular account has been developed by Account Brokerz for those interested traders who are looking to make some big trades. The name of the account is rather self-explanatory; it has been created for expert traders because they can take full advantage of this account. The minimum amount that has to be deposited by traders for opening this particular account is €20,000. A large bunch of services and features are available under this account.

ActiveBrokerz gives traders full access to their Expert Advisors. They also allow them to attend as many one-on-one live trading sessions as they like, along with complete access to the live trading room for the broker. In addition, all other features of the broker can be found under this account. trading platforms trading platforms

Different Trading Platforms

Unique trading platforms are made available by ActiveBrokerz to satisfy the needs and requirements of the traders. They have taken appropriate steps for enriching these platforms with unlimited efficient indicators and tools. One of the most interesting things to note about this broker is that it has deployed two different trading platform versions; a web-based trading platform and a mobile-based one. Let’s take a look at the options:

  • Web Trader

The developers at ActiveBrokerz have come up an attractive and stunning trading platform that can be used for the execution of winning trades. It is undoubtedly an extraordinary platform as it has been equipped with some of the most advanced trading tools and functionalities. Accessing the platform is quite simple; you just need a device with a web browser and an internet connection. It is a professional platform that gets the job done and doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed.

  • Mobile Trader

These days, it has become the norm for traders to use their smartphones for most of their tasks. The good news is that it can also be used for trading and keeping up with this trend, ActiveBrokerz has rolled out the Mobile Trader, a cutting edge trading platform that’s specifically designed to be used on smartphones. It boasts an intuitive user interface, gives you a daily account statement, supports multiple languages and provides real-time account summary, advanced charts as well as market news.

  • MetaTrader 4

One of the most renowned trading platforms in the financial world is none other than the MetaTrader 4. It has been used by traders all over the world and its top notch and robust features has earned it a great deal of popularity. You can enjoy unlimited advanced indicators and trading tools and the user interface is also an attractive one. The addition of MetaTrader 4 by ActiveBrokerz has added another layer of appeal to the broker.

Access to Top Notch Education

The ActiveBrokerz platform is dedicated to empowering its clients for having the best trading experience. How does it do that? The broker accomplishes this by giving them access to top-notch educational resources relating to the financial market. The educational resources that you will find on the ActiveBrokerz platform comprise of A to Z education program, one-on-one trading sessions, Facebook education groups, detailed educational videos, in-depth webinars, expert analysis, e-books and lots more.

These impressive educational resources make ActiveBrokerz a successful option for all kinds of financial asset traders. All traders who sign up with the broker, whether they are newbies or expert traders, will find these resources informative and useful in the long run.

Reasonable Fees and Commission

Knowing what fees and commission the broker charges is crucial because at the end of the day, it will determine how much profit you will be able to take home. With ActiveBrokerz, you don’t need to be concerned because their fee is comparatively low when you check their competitors as they are charging a lot more. It is easy for all kinds of traders to find a flexible fee package that can let them invest via the broker without worrying about any hefty commission.

Every trader is in search for a platform that charges them less commission because this can eat into your profits. ActiveBrokerz is one such broker that is offering some of the lowest commission rates in the market. It is possible for traders to execute unlimited trades at very low fee, which enables them to enjoy high profits.

Excellent Security Measures

It is important to know what security measures a brokerage has implemented because the number of cybercrimes is on the rise. Hackers and other criminals are always on the lookout to take advantage of any loopholes and you can end up compromising your funds and information. ActiveBrokerz is well-aware of these issues and they have taken the right steps for securing the funds and investment of its traders by partnering with regulated banks for protecting their customers.

The broker has secured accounts that can be used by clients for maintaining full access to their funds. Customer accounts are kept segregated for transparency and this ensures there can be no misappropriation. In addition, the broker has also implemented an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy that requires them to monitor the financial activities of their clients against any fraudulent activities. Moreover, ActiveBrokerz doesn’t allow clients to just sign up on their platform. There are some documents that are required for opening an account.

First, traders have to give proof of identity, which can be done by submitting their passport, national identification card or driver’s license. Secondly, traders also have to give proof of address and this can be done by submitting a utility bill that’s less than three months old or a copy of bank statement that’s less than three months old. These are part of client compliance for maintaining the integrity of the platform.

Easy Deposits and Withdrawals

To deposit funds into your ActiveBrokerz account, you have to go to the website and take a look at the payment methods. You can opt for bank transfer, credit or debit cards, Moneynet or UpayCard. You can use a bank card for quick deposits as they are processed on the same day. Bank transfers can take anywhere between 2 and 7 working days. For withdrawing your funds, you have to fill out a form on the website where you mention payment method and account details. An email will be sent to your account as confirmation and payment can then be received as per the method you choose. Bear in mind that as per the AML policy, no third party accounts can be used for making deposits or withdrawals.

Efficient Customer Care Options

ActiveBrokerz gives its clients the option of reaching its customer care agents through email, telephone an online contact form on the website or through the office address. They are very efficient in responses and their aim is to resolve your problems as quickly as possible.


All these features indicate that ActiveBrokerz is great platform for making your financial investments and brings you close to your investment goals.

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