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Blockchain Australia Introduces Its Cryptocurrency Regulation Recommendations To The Government

As per the Australian Blockchain Association, the nation’s digital currency sector can not afford to gamble years for legislative certainty, and customers need trust to utilize cryptocurrency services.

Blockchain Australia, a key organization representing the Australian digital currency sector, has formally presented the fed government with its crypto regulatory suggestions.

Last Friday, the group submitted a statement to the Committee Hearing of Senate on Australia as a Technological and Economic Center, urging the officials to set up legal protection for domestic digital currency service suppliers.

Highlighting a series of regulatory proposals, Blockchain Australia emphasized the importance of a planned and phased approach to implementing a perfect fit for the purpose legislative structure that provides competition and innovation in the nation while improving consumer results.

The digital currency advocates emphasized that the domestic market can not expect to gamble a year for legislative clarity and domestic consumers need trust to gain entry to legislated digital currency services in Australia, declaring that govt and relating government agencies must provide digital currency asset providers with a safe haven until regulations are introduced. Any law constructed should provide a reasonable transition time and must not be applied retroactively.

A key component of the proposals Blockchain Australia suggested is forming a cross-sector legislative advisory committee to promote more cooperation between both the financial regulators and the digital currency market. The 1st activity for the organization ought to be a token mapping activity assessing the job completed in abroad jurisdictions, according to the organization.

Several Australian law enforcement authorities, like the APRA, the ACCC, the ATO, the ASIC, the RBA, and the Consumer Commission, have all been mentioned by Blockchain Australia. Blockchain Australia expressly requested that the Australian Securities and Investments Commission alter the domestic custodial service rule called RG133 that explicitly indicates that licensed custody operators are permitted to give digital currency asset custodial solutions.

The announcement comes as several domestic financial entities raised worries about the digital currency business in Australia. The Australian Securities Exchange sent a report to the Committee of the Senate on regulating financial technology in the middle of July this year, stressing that the potential threat of cryptocurrency possession on centralized digital currency trading platforms.

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