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Blockchain Startup Gleec Is Going To Launch Its Own Crypto Exchange

The cryptocurrency industry is already filled with a lot of digital currency exchanges, and we are now going to see another cryptocurrency exchange coming from Gleec, a major blockchain startup licensed by European Union (EU) that handles Gleec Coin (GLEEC), a digital currency built for the retail usage. For its new cryptocurrency exchange, Gleec has also formed a new partnership as well.

Gleec Is Bringing Its Own Crypto Exchange Called Gleec BTC

In an official press release, Gleec announced that it is going to bring its own digital currency exchange known as Gleec BTC. This cryptocurrency exchange will basically feature cryptocurrency-to-fiat trading, as per the press release.

Users will be able to access the Gleec BTC crypto exchange as a SmartPhone app available both in Google Play as well as Apple Pay. At the beginning, after the launch of the exchange, its main purpose will be to enhance Gleec’s native utility digital currency GLEEC’s liquidity. Gleec’s native token will be available for trading in two trading pairs. One pair is against the leading digital currency Bitcoin (BTC), while on the other hand, the second trading pair will be against the fiat currency Euro (EUR).

Gleec Coin is already listed on various trading platforms of major cryptocurrency exchanges, including the South Korea-based digital assets exchange Bithumb and the Seattle-based crypto exchange Bittrex.

Gleec Partners With Scalable Solutions

The company further revealed in the announcement that it has entered into a partnership agreement with the IT solutions provider Scalable Solutions. It will collaborate with Scalable Solutions’ IT experts and will utilize its white-labeled scaling instruments and systems for powering its cryptocurrency exchange.

Commenting on this partnership, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gleec, Daniel Dimitrov, said in a statement that they recognized the infrastructure and underlying technology of Scalable Solutions and its potential. Therefore, they decided to use the infrastructure of Scalable for their digital currency exchange in order to offer their users the best-in-class trading experience.

Apart from launching its own digital currency exchange, the company is also likely to introduce a Visa card as well for its retail clients. Users will be allowed to refill this card using both BTC and GLEEC.

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