Finantiko Review – Evaluating the Services of the Broker

Every individual wants to have financial security and independence in their life. Wouldn’t it be a relief to not have to worry about making ends meet? There would no need to constantly stress about the future and you would be able to manage any sudden expenses without watching the bills pile up. The problem is that this is a big challenge and not something so easily achieved these days. With increasing expenses and limited income, millions of people all over the globe are struggling to secure their future and managing their present. Even though new fields have opened up, there is still a lot of competition out there.

People are looking for ways to earn high returns without having to make that much effort and have plenty of opportunities. In this regard, the trading market is the perfect choice for people. Over the years, this space has evolved significantly like other industries. Things are no longer the same, thanks to technological progress, and most of the barriers to entry that existed before have been wiped out completely. Today, the trading markets are open for anyone and everyone and there are never-ending opportunities, which means there will always be something for you.

There is no need to worry about opportunities running out and you can also find tons of success stories about people who entered this space and were able to make it big. In fact, some of the richest people in the world made their fortunes in various financial markets. But, in order to be like them, you have to play it smart. This means that you need to take good decisions, like when you are selecting a broker. The only prerequisite that you need to fulfill for starting your online trading career is finding a broker. It is not the finding part that’s challenging; it is the choosing one that can be difficult.

Run a quick search and you will come to know that there are hundreds of online brokerages these days. Their number has gone up as more people have made their way into the financial markets and are looking for trading opportunities. To meet this high demand, more and more brokers have been set up. In some ways, it is a good thing because greater variety means that competitive services are provided to the traders, but it also means that you can be confused and not be able to choose the right broker for yourself.

No two brokerages are created equal and may not necessarily offer the same features. When you are going over the numerous brokers in the market, you have to compare and evaluate their features in order to select one that can provide you the required services. You will have to do the same in the case of Finantiko, one of the brokers that you will come across amidst your search for a good and reliable broker. Of course, every broker will advertise itself as such, but not all of them can live up to these claims.

Broker Finantiko
Trading Accounts Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Diamond
Minimum Deposit $250
Assets Coverage Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies
Trading Tools Economic Calendar, Pip Calculator, Live Market Hours, Margin Calculator, Fibonacci Sequence and Risk Management Tools
Education and Training Yes
Customer Support 24/7 via Web Contact Form and Email
Security Policy Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies
Parent Company Finantiko


Established a few years ago, Finantiko offers its clients the opportunity of participating in CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading. In this form of trading, people will not be actually buying an investment product when they trade it; they are only trading a contract based on the underlying asset. This can eliminate a lot of hassle because you don’t need to worry about storing the asset in question. Moreover, CFD trading gives people access to a wider range of investment products, something you will find at Finantiko.

Offering its website in two languages i.e. Polish and English, Finantiko is a registered and licensed broker that is regulated by the MIFID II (The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). This is a European regulation designed to increase transparency across the financial markets and standardizes the disclosures that are required of brokers operating in the European Union. With this in place, traders can take advantage of increased competition and investor protection policies.

This is undoubtedly quite reassuring, but this doesn’t mean that the broker is capable of providing you everything you need. The only way you can ascertain this, as mentioned earlier, is by evaluating the broker. How can you do that? It can be accomplished by taking the following steps:

Step 1: Look at the registration process

How will you avail a broker’s services? To start using a broker’s services, you have to register with the broker first. This process often comes off as intimidating because most brokers have some complex requirements. Traders may be asked to provide extensive documents and may have to fill out various forms that can be time consuming and tiring. This often makes traders apprehensive, but the good thing about opting for Finantiko is that you will not have to deal with any such problems. Their registration process is quite straightforward, allowing beginners and experts to navigate it quite easily.

All you have to do is visit their website and on the homepage, you will find a short registration platform that you have to fill out. The form asks for your basic details only, so it takes only a few minutes for it to complete. You will have to enter your first name, last name, an email address and a password you want to use for logging into your account. You also need to share your location and phone number. The last step to complete registration is to agree with Finantiko’s Terms and Conditions. These are on the broker’s website and you should go through them before agreeing to anything.

After you have done so, the broker will register you immediately. It doesn’t have any approval process in place, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for anything. You should now be ready to open an account with Finantiko in order to start trading.

Step 2: Check out the account options

After you are done with registering with a broker, you would automatically be asked to open an account in order to deposit your funds and begin trading. Most brokers offer several account options to their clients, especially those that are providing services to different types of traders. Finantiko falls in this category and so, they have come up with multiple account options for their clients to choose from. Every account is aimed at traders with varying levels of experience and expertise and features have been added to them accordingly.

However, the accounts are distinguished by the types of spreads they offer to their traders. Finantiko charges different spreads on different trading instruments and these will vary according to the account you choose to open. Newcomers are usually charged higher spreads than expert traders in order to give them incentive to upgrade their accounts. Check out the account options below in order to decide which one to open:

  • Bronze

The first account that Finantiko offers to its clients is called Bronze and this has been specifically developed for newbies with no market knowledge or experience. Therefore, its trading size is 0.01 and they are given features like online financial course, 24/7 customer service and one-on-one training to assist them during trading in the financial markets. Under this account, traders can invest in numerous financial instruments, with the exception of agricultures.

  • Gold

The second account offered by Finantiko to traders is known as Gold and this is aimed at traders with some experience and knowledge of the financial markets. They have a trading size of 0.1 and can now trade agricultural products as well. This account also provides e-books to traders to help them improve their knowledge.

  • Platinum

The third account that has been introduced by Finantiko is referred to as the Platinum account and this one is primarily for intermediate traders. The trading size in this account is raised to 0.2 for traders’ convenience. They will be able to consult an analyst manager in this account who can help them in analyzing their trades and also managing their portfolio. The account also provides access to Webinars that are conducted by market experts and can be a source of helpful information and guidance.

  • Diamond

The last account that Finantiko has developed for its clientele is referred to as the Diamond account and it is meant for seasoned and professional traders who have in-depth knowledge of the market and make bigger trades. Therefore, the trading size under this account is the highest i.e. 0.5. As far as features are concerned, this account gives traders access to every single feature that other accounts offer, along with a free VPS service for their convenience.

Other than these account options, Finantiko has also added demo accounts to their platform for helping traders in understanding how the market works and getting in some practice. It is a good option for newbies because it allows them to know exactly what to expect when they start trading. As far as skilled traders are concerned, they can try out different trading strategies before implementing them in the real market. Also, the broker is welcoming traders from all backgrounds, so they have added Islamic accounts that are meant for traders complying with the Sharia law.

Step 3: Go over the payment methods

Once you go over the account options provided by a broker and decide which one you wish to open, you will have to deposit money to do so. After all, trading is all about money and you will not be able to earn anything if you don’t invest any money. Hence, you need to add funds to the trading account you open and this is also applicable to your account at Finantiko. The broker will also ask you to make a deposit first in order to open any trading position. But, how will you make this deposit? To do this, you have to look at what payment methods are available.

Every broker doesn’t offer the same options, so it is best to know beforehand, so you will know if you can make a deposit easily or not. Similarly, if the payment methods are not reliable and secure, it could also create problems for you later on when you have to withdraw your money. Finantiko aims to accommodate its traders as much as possible due to which it has added several convenient options to use. First off, traders can go with the traditional choice of bank wire transfers.

This allows you to directly use your bank account for making deposits in your trading account and for withdrawals. If you don’t want to go with this option, Finantiko also accepts debit and credit cards as a means of payment. Visa and MasterCard are both supported on the broker’s platform and can be used for deposits and withdrawals. A fee may be charged, depending on the method used. Deposits are usually processed instantly whereas withdrawals may take a bit of time. As long as you have completed the verification process as part of the security measures, you will not have a problem in executing trades immediately.

Step 4: Choose a trading instrument

You have registered with the broker, opened an account and also added your funds. You are now completely ready to trade, but what will you trade? Every broker has their own asset index; some brokers prefer to offer only a handful of instruments to their clients while others may add a variety of options for helping their clients diversify. Since Finantiko specializes in CFD trading, they offer their clientele a massive range of trading instruments to choose from. These belong to numerous asset categories and you can invest in any of them as per your preference. Some of the trading instruments that you can explore are:

  • Stocks

Small shares of a company are referred to as stocks. The stock market is one of the oldest financial markets in the world and has helped trading become mainstream. Finantiko gives you the opportunity to trade stock CFDs, which means that you are not really purchasing the stocks. Hence, you will not receive any dividends or profits paid on the shares. But, it allows you to benefit from any price movements in these stocks. The broker has put together options that comprise of some of the biggest companies in the world like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Tesla, Visa and more.

  • Indices

Indices are the combination of different stocks and are often used for judging the health of the economy. They can provide lucrative trading opportunities to financial traders and provide an overall analysis of the financial markets. There are various indices that can be traded and Finantiko has added some of the leading ones in the market, such as FTSE 100, CAC40, DAX30 and S&P 500.

  • Currencies

The forex or currencies market is one of the most popular markets in the world. It is filled to the brim with trading opportunities because there are hundreds of currency pairs that can be traded. These currency pairs are divided into several categories, such as major pairs, minor pairs and exotic pairs. Finantiko has offered their clients a combination of all of these, which include EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD, CHF, EUR/TRY, AUD/CHF, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD and USD/TRY.

  • Cryptocurrencies

One of the financial instruments that has taken the financial markets by a storm is cryptocurrency. The idea was first launched in 2009 with Bitcoin, but the market has expanded since then. It rose to popularity in 2017 when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hit their peak. Nowadays, every trader wants to trade some cryptocurrency or another. Finantiko has added crypto options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash to its offerings to facilitate its clients.

  • Commodities

If you are looking for an asset that can provide you with consistent returns, even if not massive ones, commodities are regarded as one of the best options. They carry a lesser risk than other options because they are not as volatile. Soft and hard commodities are available at Finantiko and these comprise of products that have a consistent demand, leading to regular returns. Soft commodities include agriculture products like corn, coffee, cocoa, wheat and rice while hard commodities include precious metals and energies like gold, silver and crude oil.

Step 5: Opting for a trading platform

With the various trading instruments offered by Finantiko, it can be difficult for traders to choose which ones they want to trade. You can take your time and once you have finalized the assets you want to trade in, you are ready to get started. How will you make your trades? This is where a trading platform comes in. Every broker offers a trading platform to its clients, a software designed for trade execution and monitoring market activity. These trading platforms also vary, in terms of features and tools they provide, and you should ensure that the platform you have is a good one.

Finantiko has opted to use the SIRIX trading platforms for its clients to facilitate their trading activities by providing them with one of the top and most user-friendly trading platforms in the market. The broker has added three versions of SIRIX to their offerings and traders can choose one, as per their preference. These versions are:

  • SIRIX Web

As the name indicates, this version of SIRIX is accessible through the web i.e. the broker’s website. You can just log into your account on the broker’s website and it will automatically open up the SIRIX web platform for you. It saves traders from the hassle of downloading and installation of the platform, along with its maintenance. The trading platform grants instant access to all features, which include risk management tools, economic calendar, pip calculator and other tools. You can also enjoy excellent speed for executing transactions.

  • SIRIX Station

The next version that’s offered by Finantiko is referred to as SIRIX Station and this trading platform has to be downloaded on the trader’s device. This is a desktop-based platform that’s powered by innovative technology and boasts some very advanced features that can come in handy. The platform offers a high-level of customization and can be navigated easily by newbies and experts alike. It allows one-click trading, which means you will not have to face any delays in transactions and gives you access to all features of the trading platform.

  • SIRIX Mobile

The third and last option that you will find in terms of trading platforms on Finantiko is that of SIRIX mobile. Put simply, these are mobile apps that you can download on your smartphones or mobile devices. The broker provides apps for both iOS and Android ecosystems. These apps are very responsive and have been given a simple user-interface to make them easy to use on the go. They have also been optimized for instant trade execution to allow traders to take advantage of quick and changing trends. They also constantly make updates to the app, based on the feedback they receive from the users. You will be able to access your trading account easily and manage your transactions without any hassle.

You also have the option of activating the Social trading feature on the SIRIX platform. Finantiko has added this feature for the convenience of their clients because it allows them to mirror the trades of some of the seasoned and expert traders in the market, improving their chances of success. You can get in touch with the broker if you wish to activate it.

Bottom Line

You can evaluate Finantiko by following these steps and this will show you how the broker can fulfill your trading needs and allow you to reap the benefits of the various trading opportunities.

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