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The market of online trading is known by many people, unlike in old times when it was a quite new concept for everyone. Online trading has no doubt provided endless opportunities for traders who are willing to invest their capital somewhere. Even though the risks are also present in this field of business, the opportunities that are being provided are very alluring, and it is attracting more and more investors towards it. With all the financial crisis happening in the world, people are forced to venture into many new ways to make some bucks for their survival, and online trading is providing them with an opportunity to do so. The advancements in technology and the evolution of the financial market allow not only experienced traders to pave more ways to earn profits but also introduced easy means for the traders who are relatively new in this field. Nowadays, people with less capital to invest are also allowed to invest their respective capitals in online trading to earn profits from it. Just like you need a partner to help in your real life, the same is the case with online trading as well. You need to be affiliated with a brokerage company such as Genesis11 if you wish to trade online, whether it is in stocks, forex or cryptocurrency. So, this need for traders has led me to bring this lengthy Genesis11 review.

Brokerage firms are going to determine whether you are going to earn profits or face losses, so it is important to decide your broker firm wisely. The brokers are a medium that is not only going to provide you with a setup to trade but also help you during the trade whenever you need them. These brokers have the latest tools and analytic instruments which are capable of predicting the market trends and keep traders aware of what’s happening in the world of trading.

So the question arises, where can you find these brokers? If you are trying to look up brokers online, it is just a search away, you just have to google it, and it will show you various options out there claiming a lot of services, but these include brokers who don’t fulfil what they promise as well as a lot of scammers who are out there just to scam inexperienced traders. So it is very important to choose a broker who is worth it and trustworthy to work with. It is very popular about these broker firms that you can face many scams while dealing with any of them, but this is when reviews and testimonials from experienced traders come in very handy to help new traders. This review is also about one of these broker firms, which is relatively new to the trading world but has gained enough popularity and reputation to be given a chance.

Genesis11 is a firm that has its offices in London, Dominica and Cyprus. And are working day and night to provide their services to the traders looking for a trustworthy and credible firm. In this review, we are going to look into everything that you need to know before you choose this firm as your broker, and not only that, we are also going to look into some of the key features that this firm is providing and how it is distinct from others.

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Everything you need to know about Genesis11

Genesis11 was established in 2009. First, they were introduced in the market with their services only as a manager for venture capital funds, but as time went on, they observed that people are interested in investing their capitals in online trading, but the problem that they are facing is legitimate broker firms. After they went public in 2012, they have been climbing the stairs of success and reputation by providing their services to the traders who are less experienced. And now there comes the point that Genesis11 is being listed among the top brokerage firms in the world. This is due to their extremely creative and client-oriented team, which is committed to delivering their best services. The firm is providing a platform that is extremely user-friendly for new traders who have just stepped into the world of crypto. And along with this, they have also paid special attention to the security protocols to ensure the security of their trader’s data and money. So now, with that being told, we are going to look into the company’s features that are worth noting and make them distinct from other brokers.

It is not another scam

As we know that in the world of crypto, there are many scammers and fraudsters who are trying their best to scam people, everyday news comes out about various broker firms as inexperienced traders face any consequences from that. So the first and the most important point that distinct Genesis11 from the rest of the brokers is that it is a regulated firm. There are many financial regulatory authorities that are there to avoid any type of scam activities done by brokers, and this firm is regulated by those authorities. This means Genesis11 fulfils the criteria to be eligible and trustworthy in this field.

Educational materials on their platform

In order to become a successful trader in the world of online trading, having knowledge about trading is very much important. The traders who are new to this world are mostly unaware of how things work here, and as they dive into the trading market, they realize that they are alone in the race. Genesis11 care for their respective customers and give them the confidence that they need. They have made this program of basic education regarding online trading from which new traders can benefit a lot. In this program, Genesis11 gives you unique trading techniques and analysis, which is going to help you during your trades.

The primary goal of providing such education is to help newbies and amateur investors who are struggling with complex trading platforms and techniques. The basic information given in this field is going to help you understand the most basic skills that you need to trade that include how to operate their interface as well. But not only that, the firm has designed their educational program in such a way that not only amateur and inexperienced traders can benefit from it but also the traders who are experienced and are wishing to learn more complex techniques to maximize their revenue are welcomed and helped here as well. There are many videos, ebooks, training courses and tutorials that are going to help you understand everything.

Security measures are taken by Genesis11

As we have discussed earlier, there are many risks involved in any type of trading, whether it is online or offline. In fact, a trader who is not interested in taking risks can never flourish in the field. And therefore, traders and investors are always reminded of the risks and threats during their experience by Genesis11. It is very rare that a brokerage firm is providing you with information regarding the threats involved within the trading. Instead, many brokers just give you very high hopes before you sign up, but after you are registered, things change. In order to earn high profits and avoid any losses, traders have to keep these risks in mind and act accordingly.

Genesis11 is provided with one of the highest levels of security and encryption that can be provided. This includes the policies mandatory to be adopted by broker firms in order to get regulated, the policies such as KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) are being adopted by Genesis11 to ensure the safety of their user’s personal information and money that they have invested. So for all the traders who hesitate while providing their personal information like credit card info or address are being kept in mind, and the firm tells you everything about their privacy policies on their website, which you can read yourself before signing up so that you know what to expect.

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Trading options

The skill of risk management is very crucial for every trader to learn. It is a key skill that is going to keep you safe from losses and help you to earn higher profits. Having more options while trading is one of the types of risk management. As the options of assets increases, the chances become higher of you earning more profits. That is the reason why traders are always looking for different opportunities constantly to find one which can benefit them. But what if all of those opportunities are given to you on a single platform, the hassle and struggle to look out for different opportunities can be skipped, and you can get all opportunities under one platform.

Genesis11 is one of those very few brokers which are offering you such platforms where you can trade multiple assets simultaneously. Diversification of investment options helps you to divide your capital into different boxes from where you are going to keep on earning profits even if any of them faces any loss. The loss from one asset can be covered from the other investment if you have done it wisely. Genesis11 is offering many investment options to its users ranging from stocks, ETFs, Indices, Forex and cryptocurrencies as well. For the investors who are looking for a vast variety of options under one platform, the firm has listed around 2000 different types of assets and over 500 different cryptocurrencies from which traders can choose their preferred asset. Surely with these numbers of opportunities, traders are attracted to this firm, and that is why it is among the best.

Here is the list of some of the assets that Genesis11 offers:

  • Cryptocurrencies 

Genesis11 is offering its services in the field of crypto trading from where investors and traders can trade major cryptocurrencies and endless altcoins. The most famous cryptocurrencies like Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and Digital Cash (DASH) are being offered by Genesis11 on their platform.

  • Indices 

The firm provides leading Indices in the index market to the users. There are many options that a trader can choose while trading Indices which includes FTSE, S&P 500, NASDAQ and Dow Jones.

  • Stocks 

The firm has also kept the old school trading methods which are stocks, among their services as well. Traders can exchange some of the biggest companies stocks like Amazon, Google, Apple, Netflix and a lot more.

Trading platform

Trading platforms are known as the platforms that are provided by a brokerage firm where you can run all your transactions from. There are many options for trading platforms. Some brokers use apps, while others use random methods. Genesis11 is offering its users software from where they can access their account and do trading. The software is incorporated with several trading tools developed to examine the latest market trends and help traders to make the right choice.

Trading platforms plays a very vital role in whether your trading experience is going to be good or bad. A user-friendly trading platform is very much necessary for traders who are new to the field, while experienced traders seek more opportunities while choosing their trading platform. Genesis11 has created a web-based platform to cater to both types of trader’s needs. The platform consists of modern advanced tools and specialised charts to help investors to perform trades with precision. The platform is full of options and features, but yet it is designed in a way that a new trader can feel at home, and everything is easy to understand. Along with being user-friendly, the firm has taken into consideration that everything that a trader needs in order to perform trades with ease is provided on the platform.

The perks of web-based platforms are endless. Traders are not bound to take their primary device along everywhere, which has the software installed in it to perform trades. Instead, the platform is a very much versatile option, no matter where a trader is in the world or on what device he wants to trade, just log on to the website and start trading.

Types of accounts

Every trader has different preferences and requirements when it comes to their personal accounts. Some are willing to invest larger amounts of investments, while others prefer to take it slow. In order to cater to both types of traders, Genesis11 has created a wide variety of options and given the power to choose their preferred option to the trader himself. The minimum deposit limits of these accounts are different from each other, and the services are also added into higher accounts. The list of types of accounts offered by Genesis11 is below.

Silver account

There are many traders who are not aware of how trading works and are relatively new to the field as compared to some others who are working in this field for some time. For such traders, Genesis11 has created a silver account that starts from a minimum deposit of 10,000 units. The price is kept low because the new traders are not as experienced to play big games, and hence they hesitate in investing a lot of money at first. The account offers the following features:

  • 24/5 customer support service
  • One on one basic training
  • Education centre (basic)
  • Two trading signals per month
  • Trading news
  • Unlimited 365 trading dashboard

Gold account 

For the traders who have some experience in the field of trading and want to invest more money than the basic, so Genesis11 is providing them with their Gold account. The account can be opened from a minimum investment of 25,000 of the basic currency. The account offers some added benefits to its customers, which are listed below.

  • 24/5 customer support service
  • One on one basic training
  • Education centre (basic)
  • Unlimited 365 trading dashboard
  • Personal account manager
  • Maximum 100 lots trading size
  • Ten trading signals per month from the VIP desk


The traders who have enough experience in the field of crypto trading and are interested in playing big games are catered in this account, as Genesis11 knows that these customers are experienced in the field, and they want something more than just basic features, so they have provided this Platinum account. The account has a minimum requirement of 50,000 as a deposit to start with and provides the same features as others, but some of the features which are exclusive for this type are listed below.

  • Education centre (full)
  • Daily trading signals from VIP desk
  • Trading algorithm available
  • No withdrawing fees, minimal trading fees and swap commission
  • Credit line for trading events

Signature account

For the most experienced traders, Genesis11 has created the Signature account, which has the most features among all. The account caters for those who are wanting the most out of the broker and are ready to play really big games in the field. The minimum deposit starts from 250,000 of basic currency, and the following are the features exclusive for Signature account holders.

  • Personal VIP account manager
  • Private banking
  • Leverage 1:300
  • Insured contracts (up to 70%)
  • The first priority for hedging strategies

Other than these accounts, there is a VIP account in which traders can customize their services and start from a minimum deposit of 1,000,000 of basic currency.

Final verdict

As we have discussed everything that you need to know as a trader before signing up with Genesis11, now it is in the hands of the trader to decide whether or not the option is suitable for him/her. But it is valid to say that Genesis11 is one of the best broker firms which are committed to providing their services with excellence.

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