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Locals In Senegal Left Disappointed As They See No Progress On Akon City

Akon City (an ambitious concept for a crypto-driven Pan-African smart city from Akon (a well-known rapper) in Senegal has not made any progress in the previous 12 months after its founding stone was laid. Initially, the idea was spruiked as an innovative region enthused by Black Panther (a movie from Marvel). It was supposed that the city would rise as an inspiration for human development and modernization to boost the Senegalese and African economies in 2018. There are only a few signs of the respective city along with the ceremonial stone in a meadow near Mbodiene.

Agence-France-Press reported that no advancements had been made in the city except the erection of a stone having a small promotion poster which has since dropped from its pole on the block’s upper side. Akon had anticipated that the proposed city would contain a waste centre, police station, hospital, shopping centre, school, and a power plant for solar energy till 2024, and further progress would be accomplished till 2030.

A growing scepticism has been witnessed in the locals of Senegal about the Akon City, which is a $6B Pan-African vision for revolutionizing the economy. The report further stated that the locals of Mbiodene, who were high in hopes of the expected upsurge in the economic activity, have limited information about the project’s freeze. Jules Thiamine (a local of 35) stated that the foundation stone was laid with many promises and speeches; nonetheless, nothing from the announced things has been converted into action yet.

However, everyone is not disappointed by the plan as David Seck Sene (the president of the youth association of the village Mbodiene) mentioned that they are much hopeful about the project. He added that he does not think the project to be halted as such projects do not stop. The local women association’s head Philomene Bamimba focused that the economic advantages for the construction of the city would assist Mbodiene to a large extent.

Paul Martin, from KE International (a U.S-based firm regarding engineering) that is the company having the contract to build Akon City, elaborated that across $4 billion has been collected in funding for the respective project. He disclosed that Julius Mwale (a Kenyan entrepreneur) is the lead investor of the project. Further, he predicted that the production would start in October following the construction of another city funded by Mwale that is in its completion phase in Kenya.

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