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Opera Is About To Launch A Complete Web 3.0 Browser

The top web browsing platform, Opera, has announced that it is close to launching a complete Web 3.0 browsing platform that contains several features unique to crypto browsers. A press release issued by the company confirmed that this new browser includes a full suite of crypto and blockchain features. Part of the announcement read: “there is almost no browser which focuses on the Web 3.0 or makes it easy for non-technical persons to have an easy grasp of everything about blockchain technology.”

Features Of Opera’s New Web Browser

Even though it is still in the trial phase, Opera’s new web browser platform offers several top features. Examples include:

  • Crypto wallet compatibility.
  • Up-to-date news about the blockchain and crypto industry.
  • Educative content (in video, audio, and other formats).

Opera aims to enable users to log in to crypto apps from their browser or access their crypto wallets from the browser. It aims to achieve this purpose by partnering with relevant platforms similar to the Coinbase-Mastercard partnership, where Mastercard users can complete transactions on Coinbase from their Mastercard dashboard.

Opera will also enable modern security features to prevent malware issues related to copy-to-clipboard, which has caused million-dollar losses recently. Security features include a user track monitor, a self-tracking copy-to-clipboard system, and layer-2 support.

The Growing Popularity Of Web 3.0 Browsers

Opera made its first foray into the Web 3.0 space when it integrated crypto capabilities into its browser platform four years ago. Afterward, many other top browser platforms have integrated crypto features into their browsers.

One of the recent browser platforms to have integrated crypto capabilities is brave. The 6th leading browser platform even launched its Ethereum-built native token, which rewards users who fulfil reward conditions for watching ads on the platform.

Another Web 3.0 browser that is gradually growing in popularity is Osiris. This platform rose to prominence for its promise in providing data privacy protection and anonymous browsing for its users. One of Osiris’ unique selling points is being a zero-ad browser which is quite strange because most browser platforms earn their largest profits from selling ad spaces and consumer data.

Osiris’ governance token (ACE) is integrated with the Tron network and enables Osiris users to perform TRX transactions quickly. Even though chrome and edge (the top two browser platforms) are yet to launch a Web 3.0 platform, they have announced that they will soon launch metaverse and IoT-related browser platforms.

Web 3.0 And The Need For Users

The Web 3.0 technology will need users to fuel its growth. Any user-driven product or technology matures faster than any other alternative. Hence, leaders in the Web 3.0 space must reach out to a larger audience to attract them into this space.

Besides developing and growing the Web 3.0 space, investors will also be more interested in exploring the profit potentials of this industry. The best way to boost the growth of this nascent industry is to support projects that will reach out to new audiences and enlighten them about the fascinating Web 3.0 sector.

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