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QuantBitex Review

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If you have just joined the trading world, you might be feeling confused, overwhelmed, and lost, but that is normal. Many users feel like that initially, but then working with brokers like QuantBitex helps overcome difficulties. If you read this QuantBitex review thoroughly, you will learn exactly how it is such a good broker and the benefits you will get by working with it. If you had thought that no broker would help you, then let me remind you that there are some great brokers, and QuantBitex is amongst the best ones. I chose QuantBitex because many of its services and features appealed to me, and after very extensive research, I realized that these qualities are rare to find.

You also have to remember that online trading has many risks and benefits. But ever since trading has shifted to an online mode, the risks have become even more daunting. One of the major concerns in online trading is the fear of losing funds and the private information not being safe. I do not blame you if you too have these fears because the rise in scams has caused such issues. The web is also a place that has experienced a rise in hackers and scammers. But it all becomes much worse in online trading because that is where a lot of money is dealt with, and hackers can easily access information. Due to the rising opportunities, the number of cybercriminals has increased in the trading world.

But the difficult part is recognizing these cybercriminals. They are very cunning and know exactly how to blend in with the rest of the companies or individuals. This is why you have to be careful when you choose a broker. I say this because a lot of times, users have gotten scammed by fake brokers. These are scammer companies that pose as brokers so that traders can sign up with them and deposit the money. This is why as a modern trader, you should exercise your right to be certain of companies before working with them. You should always verify if the broker is reliable and trustworthy before working with it.

If we talk about the scams, we know it has become extremely common in the trading world. But traders are not the only ones that have gotten affected, and brokers have too. Because all those brokers that were authentic and honest with their work also have to deal with traders having trust issues. Also, there are two types of cybercriminals, which are hackers and scammers. When a hacker wants to steal money, its only objective is to drain as much money from the market as possible, which impacts both traders and brokers. On the other hand, when scammers want to steal money, they go after the traders mostly and use really smart ways, as I had mentioned before. Another thing you should be wary of is hackers accessing your private information because usually, their motive is to either steal it and use it for illegal activities or leak it.

Either way, it is best to avoid such things because they will only cause you loss and damage your career. Now you might be wondering how you can avoid getting trapped by scammers? It is not that difficult; you have to make sure that whatever broker you choose is reliable. And this includes knowing what qualities speak for a broker’s reputation. The first thing is to make sure that the company is regulated. Otherwise, you will suffer in the future. Legal actions bind regulated firms, which is why they are answerable to authorities for anything they do. Whereas unregulated brokers are not restricted or bound by anyone or anything, that is why they usually scam traders and disappear easily.

In this review, I will be speaking about QuantBitex and how this is the perfect broker for anyone interested in trading. When you start reading the review, you will realize the features you should analyze before choosing a broker. Read the review carefully so you can understand why QuantBitex has such a good reputation.

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Customer Support At QuantBitex

Companies must provide their customers with a customer support system so that both the company and the users can have successful careers. But as time is progressing, it is becoming clearer that many brokers do not care about it. These brokers do not want to provide stable customer service. There could be many reasons for it, such as not caring about it because their priority is making money. Which they are doing already, but the point is that customers do need support. It is the broker’s responsibility to provide it, yet they do not. It shows negligence and lack of care, but in the end, it will affect the company too. This is because no company can truly be successful if it does not provide for its users.

Trading is a field that is not easy; therefore, users need more help than they usually would. So when a broker ignores the fact that users need help and it is a serious matter, you think they can be trusted? No, because when you are stuck and have no one else to ask for help, who can you go to? The broker and the broker should also be the first choice because working together means being there to help.

There are so many times when brokers tend to provide customer support, but it is just not enough. For instance, so many brokers have one FAQ section dedicated to helping customers. Do you think this is enough to help you if you ever get stuck? I doubt it because every trader is different. Therefore the troubles you encounter are also bound to be different. FAQs stand for frequently asked questions, but it is not necessary that a user would find a solution amongst the answers. Also, when a trader is stuck and needs help, they usually do not have the time to browse through so many questions and find the help that they need.

The FAQs section does not provide personalized help, and it just shows that brokers are not interested in providing the proper type of help. This is why you should not settle for any broker, instead look for one that shows its care for the users. Because the type of customer support a company provides shows the sort of bond it is interested in sharing with the customers. The other problem with FAQs is that they are not updated often. Often, the companies forget for ages, which leaves a gap in between the information users could need.

But QuantBitex is an amazing broker, and it has proven that its services are much more diverse than other brokers. It provides such a supportive and helpful customer support service. It allows customers to choose when they need the help and what type of help they want. Meaning you will have plenty of options to choose from for your customer support service. QuantBitex does have a FAQs section, but it does not force its customers to depend on that solely. Instead, you can opt for any option which is convenient for you. You have to visit the QuantBitex site, and you will find the contact details for either emailing them or calling them. It is up to you which option is best, but usually, customers prefer calling when they are in a hurry and need help promptly.

QuantBitex has shown that as a broker, it is extremely considerate of its customers and understands their struggles. Unlike other brokers, it did not neglect its customers. Instead, it provided them with opportunities so that if they face any trouble, they can contact the team for help. So many traders face trouble, whether it is initially while signing up or when they have to use the trading platform. But the point is that it is normal for traders to have problems, and the broker has to provide them with the support. By letting the users contact them directly, QuantBitex has made the whole process much easier and convenient. This way, the customers do not have to hesitate when they are in trouble.

The next best thing is that QuantBitex has allowed its users to reach out at any hour during the weekdays. Weekdays are from Monday to Friday, allowing users a maximum time slot to avail of help. You should also know that the QuantBitex customer support team is very experienced. Not even for a single second will you have to worry about being on your own because the team will always be there for you, and they have the best advice to offer you. Each member of the customer support team is highly knowledgeable and well-informed about trading matters. The team has been trained in the best way possible so each one of your problems can be solved no matter what it is related to.

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Choices For Payments

Trading online has many perks and risks, and it can also be burdening and difficult at times. But some features can help users enjoy the process a little bit more. Such as various options for payment, this is a feature which many traders appreciate because it is an activity that happens regularly. Now, why is having various payment methods a good feature? Because it allows traders to transfer funds without having to go to extreme and difficult lengths. You can save time if you have the right options available, and it is natural for customers to get frustrated if the payment process is time-consuming. Because no trader wants to waste time in payment procedures, they would rather be busy making more money.

Once again, you should know that payment methods are necessary because, as a trader, you will have to transfer funds the minute you create an account with the broker. Because one of the first steps is to deposit money into your account. Let’s say that you are ready to pay, but the option which is convenient for you is not accepted by the broker. And the options which the broker accepts are not the ones you usually use; this process will waste your time and make things difficult for you because you will either have to sign up for a certain bank or complete some other procedure. But the point is that this is unnecessary and makes things difficult, but with QuantBitex, there is no such worry.

Yow will start trading in no time since QuantBitex does not create such obstacles for its customers. The payment methods for customers are very simple and quick at QuantBitex. You can choose to transfer funds by bank wire transfers, this method is the safest, but it also takes much more time than other options. Users can also choose to use credit cards or debit cards to transfer funds, and this option is extremely fast. When it comes to using cards, QuantBitex accepts many options, such as Maestro or Visa.

But another great thing is that QuantBitex also accepts payment in the form of Bitcoin, and even though brokers allow to invest in Bitcoins, they do not let customers pay by Bitcoin. But QuantBitex offers so many payment options, and this is something that other brokers lack. You can choose the payment option which is most convenient for you.

These options offer users the chance to save time and pay with the method they already have access to. Lastly, you should know that QuantBitex does not charge anything for transactions, and this offers traders a huge relief. Unlike other brokers with really high fees, QuantBitex offers its users to deposit and withdraw money without any charges.

Security Infrastructure At QuantBitex

Always remember that your safety matters a lot, especially in online trading. This is because there is a lot at stake, such as your funds and your private information. One of the first steps you have to complete when you start trading is making an account with the broker. To do this, you have to share sensitive information. The next step is to deposit an amount that is required to trade, and this is the amount you will use as an investment for your trades. The most important thing for a trader is an investment. This is because they use this money to trade and make profits. It does not matter if the investment is huge or small. What matters is the investment staying safe.

One of the most horrible things a trader can experience is losing investments because this ruins all the plans a trader would have made. It can also affect their trading career since they cannot use the investment and generate further profits from it. This is why traders should always choose the broker which is the safest and provides appropriate security policies. No trader wants to experience a scam or any other incident, resulting in the loss of funds or information because this could have a severe impact on the customer’s trading career. We also know that the web is already unsafe if proper security measures are not taken. This is why traders have become more careful because no risks can be taken in online trading.

The broker’s job is to provide the customers with a safe environment in which they can trade easily. So to make sure that customers choose a broker and trade, the broker has to incorporate security measures first. This way, the traders would invest their money without an issue and not have to worry about scammers or hackers getting access to their information or funds. But most of the time, traders need a lot of assurance. This is due to the reputation hackers have of being extremely unforgiving. Traders also fear them because of this reason, and they know that hackers always have a target on trading platforms. This is why if a broker is serious about protecting its customers, then it has to implement the proper security measures.

This includes protection softwares, security policies or protocols and firewalls, etc. Although security is a major issue, you can relax a bit when it comes to QuantBitex because it has protected the platform. QuantBitex is very serious about keeping hackers away from the platform and its customers. To provide the proper type of support, QuantBitex has incorporated the most advanced software, and this helps to keep unauthorized users away from the platform. The primary barrier which QuantBitex puts up against the brokers is the protection software. Then QuantBitex uses the SSL encryption software, which stands for Secure Socket Layer. This helps secure the user’s information so that no unauthorized person can access it and steal it.

Encryption helps by turning your sensitive information into codes that hackers cannot understand, so it becomes useless to them. So the minute you enter any information into the website, it will be turned into codes automatically. There are rarely any brokers like QuantBitex who ensure the safety of customers. But as you can see, the broker does not take security measures lightly. The next step which QuantBitex takes is incorporating two very important security policies. The first one is KYC, know your customer, and ensure that every user is authorized before accessing the platform. This way, you and other traders can rest assured that no unauthorized person would be able to access the sire. The following policy is the AML one, and it stands for anti-money laundering. This helps to keep a check on all activities on the platform. It also prevents any illegal activities from happening.


It is extremely difficult to find brokers which exercise such transparency the way that QuantBitex does. But this helps to keep the traders in the loop and provide them with a good trading experience.

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