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Tezos Collaborates With Gaming Group, MGG To Launch Blockchain Gaming

Tezos, a blockchain firm, has announced a deal with MGG (Misfits Gaming Group). Tezos will be the only blockchain associate of the worldwide eSports corporation with a multi-year cooperation agreement as part of the new deal.

Furthermore, MGG intends to extend its footprint inside the blockchain industry. Block Born, a specialized blockchain gameplay network, will be launched by the company as part of its expansion. MGG emphasized the rising trend of blockchain-based gaming ventures during the deal’s announcement. MGG feels the Block Born project will help the gaming community to improve its services. Furthermore, all Block Born competitions would be carbon negative.

“According to an official at MGG, Vas Roberts, “Gaming can become faster, and blockchain technology can help us achieve that. By constructing new processes on an indexed, decentralized platform, we will reinvent how to collaborate with our audience, partners, and peers. Tezos will enable us to introduce some new access privileges, fairness, and also decision-making process on our platform. We’re excited to demonstrate how blockchain tech can assist gaming companies in reinventing their mode of operation.”

Tezos has significantly expanded its branding and marketing initiatives since the beginning of 2022. In February, Manchester United signed a collaboration agreement with the blockchain industry. As part of the partnership, Tezos-branded practice gear will be worn by the first team of Manchester United as well as coaching staff ahead of their Premier League games. Tezos also decided to make periodic TEZ contributions to the club’s foundation. The most recent agreement with MGG will include branding of marquee and sponsorship rights.

Sponsorship Deals

In 2021, eSports and game companies formed multiple sponsorship agreements with some very prominent cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. The upward trend is expected to continue in 2022. In January, another eSports company, Gen.G, announced a partnership with Bithumb, a digital exchange in South Korea.

As stated by the Head of Staff at Tezos, Mason Edwards, the company can help MGG achieve its goal. He further stated that “now that the eSports and gaming sector is receiving much attention, Tezos working with Misfits Gaming platform as an official blockchain developer will add to the growing momentum for blockchain games. Community development and engagement of players will be a major focus for the partnership. I think Tezos’ durability and unique capacity to adapt to quickly developing technology is well suited to help MGG’s achieve its aims.”


Misfits Gaming network is an esports headquartered in Florida, with members participating in Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Fortnite. Ben Spoont formed it on the 16th of May, 2016.

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