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Tokyo Olympics Became Entangled In BTC And ETH Proponents’ Everlasting War

Recently, Jack Dorsey, the CEO and co-founder of Twitter had expressed his support for Ethiopian athletes for the fast-approaching Tokyo Olympics. However, this quickly broke down into yet another round of constant typical bickering between the Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) communities.

In related news, a few Republican senators had also stated that next year’s Beijing Winter Games, scheduled to be held in China, are controversial due to the Chinese government’s insistence that all athletes be encouraged and required to use the country’s new CBDC, the digital yuan. The lawmakers believe that this is an attempt to spy on U.S athletes, with one senator even going as far as claiming that the digital yuan primarily exists to steal the DNA of the Americans.

The war restarts

With the Tokyo Olympics’ opening ceremony finally upon us after a delay of over a year, sports fans all over the world were hopeful that this could be the first major sign that things were finally going back to normal following the havoc that had been wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is thus unfortunate to see that such a highly anticipated event would be sullied by the continuing war between the communities of the top two cryptocurrencies by market cap.

All of this had initially begun when Jack Dorsey had stated that he should be supporting the Ethiopian athletes in the Tokyo Olympics and had even used the #Eth hashtag in order to express this support, which had additionally been accompanied via Ethiopia’s flag. However, as the hashtag is the same one often used for Ethereum’s ticker, a number of Dorsey’s followers believed that his tweet had an ulterior motive, namely ‘trolling’ the Ether community.

Matters were worsened by the fact that Jack’s BTC advocacy combined with his very open rejection of Ethereum in the past had often led to online controversy and bickering. This was the case yet again when Ethereum supporters claimed that the billionaire was ‘throwing shade’ in the direction of the second largest crypto, which had additionally led to numerous members of the Bitcoin community taking advantage of the situation at Ethereum’s expense.

The Olympics’ Twitter account joins in

In order to try and fix the situation, the Olympics’ official account on the social media platform had joined in to solve the issue and ease the tension, with it going on to praise Jack for his support for Ethiopia’s athletes.

Naturally, this just furthered the conflict as both sides continued to bicker as to what the billionaire actually meant by his tweet and whether his intentions were genuine or not.

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